Air Fryer Baked Potato in Foil within Less Time Duration Instead Oven in 2022

This quick and straightforward Air Fryer Baked Potato in foil recipe is the most acceptable method to bake a potato. I was sure that after successfully baking sweet potatoes in the air fryer, we should try regular potatoes.

This recipe yields a fluffy baked potato with a crispy shell that may be prepared in a short amount of time. Easy to prepare as a side dish or as a main course, top with your preferred baked potato toppings. (Have you ever tried barbecued brisket or pork on top of baked potatoes? That’s why it’s so wonderful!)

Why You Put Foil to Baked Potato

Since an air fryer’s cooking procedure consists of rushing hot air, claims that aluminium foil and the food it holds will be safe from the appliance.

However, due to the powerful air, the foil has to be attached to the meal or the air fryer basket. warns that it may likely come free while cooking if you don’t secure the foil. Use your hands to “mould and bend” the foil so that it fits the “basket” of your air fryer or the “food you’re preparing,” as the website puts it.Keep the foil from interfering with the airflow and the cooking process by securing it to the basket or the food instead of the bottom of the air fryer.

Southern Living suggests looking over the manufacturer’s guidelines if you’re still on the fence. They discuss how different brands of air fryers may or may not advise using aluminium foil. suggests using aluminium foil to prevent seasonings from falling through the air fryer basket and under your food during cooking. In addition, it makes cooking more accessible and hygienic by distributing heat uniformly throughout the dish.

Why this Dish is So Amazing

While the microwave oven makes the cooking process go by considerably more quickly, the potato’s inside will never become light and fluffy, and the exterior will never get crisp. On the other hand, baked potatoes cooked in an air fryer have no downsides.

  • Externally crisp and chewy
  • Inside, it’s light and airy.
  • Quick and simple to prepare.
  • faster than a conventional oven.
  • Than save energy, it’s superior to using an oven.
  • If you want perfect roasted potatoes, you must follow this method.

How to Make Air Fryer Baked Potato in Foil

  • First, turn on the air fryer and set the temperature to about 350F (180C).
  • Cleaning, drying, and fork-poking the potatoes should be your first order of business. In this recipe, you may use as little as 3 potatoes or as many as 4.
  • The next step is to spray them with cooking spray (I used avocado oil, but you can use whatever you have on hand) and season them with salt and pepper.
  • And wrap the potato in foil one by one.
  • Put the potatoes in the basket of an air fryer. Make sure the potatoes are resting flat, and the quantity you can fit depends on the basket size in your air fryer.
  • It takes three minutes to make three perfect cooked potatoes in the air fryer.
  • Air-fry the potatoes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius) for 25 minutes after you’re sure they’re ready.
  • Take the potatoes out when the timer goes off and let them cool.
  • After cooling, split the cooked potato in half lengthwise. It may either be eaten whole or pureed.
  • Finally, add your preferred toppings (butter, sour cream, crispy bacon, etc.) and enjoy it!

How Long to Bake Potato in Air Fryer

The time required to bake a potato varies depending on how you do it. To produce a thoroughly cooked potato with a lovely crispy exterior with my model air fryer, I find that 35 minutes is a perfect length of time.

It takes me around 60 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit in the oven to roast potatoes of a typical size. I usually turn them over twice or three times throughout the baking process to ensure that they bake evenly.

When I use the air fryer to make baked potatoes, I typically give them a single rotation.

Which Potato is Ideal for Use in a Baking Recipe?

You need potatoes to prepare baked potatoes, but there are many options!

It’s best to use a starchy potato for baked potato recipes. Two types of potatoes stand above the rest:

  • The Russet Potato
  • Yukon gold.
  • Idaho
  • Edward, King

Using these potatoes, you may also create excellent home-cooked French fries and mashed potatoes.

Air Fryer Baked Potato In Foil

How to Choose the Right Potato for Baking 

There’s a solid reason why spuds made from Russet potatoes remain the standard. Russet potatoes have a high starch content and a low water level, making them ideal for baking because of how fluffy they get.. Moreover, their thick skin crisps up nicely when cooked.

To ensure uniform cooking time, use potatoes weighing around half a pound. The cooking time for large potatoes will be quite long.

Pierce each potato six to eight times with a fork. You needn’t stab the potato viciously. The depth of your pricks, around a quarter of an inch, is sufficient. Don’t risk having your potatoes burst in the oven by forgetting to poke holes in the top.

Aluminium foil is not suitable for wrapping your potatoes. A soggy exterior is the result of moisture being trapped by foil. While the potatoes are baking, we want the extra moisture to evaporate. In that manner, the exteriors will be crisp, and the inside will have a concentrated potato taste.

Precook at a high temperature (450 degrees Fahrenheit). I picked up this tip from America’s Test Kitchen, and it has stood the test of time in all of my recipe evaluations. They state that roasting the fruit in a hot oven eliminates the possibility of a leather “pellicle” developing under the skin.

When a skewer or fork slides easily into the centre of a potato, you know it’s cooked all the way through. When the potato reaches an interior temperature of 205 degrees Fahrenheit, it is ready.. To reach this degree, a medium-sized potato requires around 45 to 60 minutes of baking time.

If you want the most excellent cooked potato:

  1. Keep going.
  2. When the potatoes have finished cooking, take them out of the oven and salt them before brushing them lightly with melted butter or oil.
  3. If you want the potatoes to have a medium-crisp exterior, put them back on the middle rack, and if you want them extra-crisp, move the rack up a notch or two.

That crisp, delicious exterior can’t be made without this process. This method is effective because butter or oil may be added at the end of the baking process. But if you put it in before the potatoes are done cooking, it will burn. I preferred the flavour and texture that butter provided, but oil is a good substitute for those on a vegan or dairy-free diet. The crust’s flavour is improved by salting the potatoes, but the salt won’t stick until the potatoes have been coated with butter or oil.

Slice open quickly to release steam and bake for another 10 minutes. Make adjustments to the serving size based on customer feedback. Below are some recommended condiments to go with this dish.

A Few Air Fryer Potato Suggestions

  • Make sure your air fryer isn’t too crowded, or the potatoes won’t become crisp on the outside.
  • The finest baked potatoes benefit from using a mealy or floury potato type, such as a Russet.
  • When a fork put into the centre of the potato meets with minimal resistance, it is done cooking.
  • During the middle of cooking, turn more giant potatoes over.
  • Cutting over the top of a hot potato might be dangerous.
  • Instead of using your best olive oil to coat the potatoes, use a neutral oil.
  • The amount of time needed to cook potatoes varies greatly depending on their size.Cooking times will increase for potatoes with a weight over 8 ounces. Sometimes as much as 45-50 minutes.
  • Determine the temperature within. The ideal doneness for potatoes is when their internal temperature is 205F to 210F.


Do Baked Potatoes Cook Faster Wrapped In Aluminium Foil?

The foil does not help the potatoes cook any faster. However, baking times rise significantly due to the necessity of preheating the foil before adding the potato. When cooked uncovered, potatoes not only taste better but also cost less.

What Temperature Should A Baked Potato Be Cooked At?

At 400 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour is what we advise for baking potatoes. Baking potatoes weighing more than 1 pound may require more time than smaller potatoes. Internal temperatures of 210 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for a wholly baked Idaho Russet Burbank.


If you enjoy crispy potato skin but want a soft interior, an air fryer is your best choice. Remember that the amount of time a potato needs to cook might change depending on its size (although we have included an approximate guide in this blog post).

They should cool down fast after being removed from the air fryer, allowing you to enjoy them as soon as they are done cooking. After that, you should make some of them. If you haven’t tried cooking before, I hope this recipe motivates you to do so soon.