Air Fryer Potatoes And Onions Tasty & Delicious Recipe with Less Effort

A favorite among the family is this recipe for air fryer potatoes and onions! These straightforward and simple-to-prepare air-fried potatoes and onions may be served as a side dish with various meals or for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you enjoy these potatoes, try air-fried caramelized onions or wedges of crispy potatoes!

An air fryer may prepare a simple, fast, and delectable potato side dish of potatoes and onions. The potatoes come out with a crisp outside and a tender inside, while the onions are soft, transparent, and have a sensitive crunch.

Serve these roasted potatoes and onions from the air fryer on their own with your preferred dipping sauce, or pair them with some fried eggs, grilled chicken, or steak for a full dinner.

Why We Use Air Fryer to Make Potato Onions

There are a few reasons why I prefer to make them in the air fryer rather cooking or frying them on the stovetop.

Minutes to ready: The air fryer uses less oil and cooks food in 12 to 15 minutes. On the burner, it can take at least 30 minutes to pan-fry potatoes and onions. For frying, you must use a lot of oil, which is unhealthy.

No mess: Using an air fryer eliminates the need to mop up extra oil splatters that would otherwise cover the cooktop. Once the cycle is over, and the air fryer has cooled off, all that is left to do is wipe the basket.

Like pan-fried potatoes and onions, air-fried potatoes and onions are excellent.

What Ingredient You Will Need

You need a few specific items, most of which are likely already in your cupboard, aside from an air fryer.


A starchy kind of potato is what you should pick if you want soft, fluffy roast potatoes with a crunchy exterior. The following are all excellent options for potatoes that may be used for a variety of purposes:

You may also select a more waxy type if you want roast potatoes with a more complex texture. This kind of potato predominates with white, fingerling, and baby potatoes.


Red onions are used in this dish, but if you only have yellow or brown onions, you may also use those instead.


Although seasoning is not required in this dish, I always add a little salt to enhance the flavors of the ingredients.

However, because potatoes and onions have varied flavors, you may customize this recipe by adding almost any other seasoning you prefer. For example, add a half-teaspoon of Italian seasoning, Mexican seasoning, Cajun spice combination, Indian seasoning, garlic powder, or smoky paprika.


My favorite oil for air frying is light olive oil, used in the recipe below. You may substitute another high-smoke-point frying oil (avocado oil, vegetable oil, or corn oil).

How to Make Air Fryer Potatoes And Onions

Although this dish is relatively easy to prepare, there are a few stages you must follow precisely to achieve the best crispy potatoes and onions:

To remove surface starch from the potatoes, soak them for five minutes. Next, the potatoes should be peeled, chopped into 1-inch pieces, and soaked in a water dish while the onions are cooking.

To prepare the potatoes for oil, pat them dry. Drain and pat the potatoes dry when they have finished soaking. To assist them in getting crispy after they start frying, you want to eliminate as much moisture as possible.

The potatoes and onions should be coated after the oil and spices are added. Like always, more oil results in crispier potatoes and more calories. You are welcome to modify the recipe’s oil proportions to get your ideal balance.

Potatoes and onions in the air fryer. Use tongs to turn the onion and potato chunks swiftly during cooking, or shake the basket to disseminate them. This ensures that the hot air reaches all surfaces, providing equal cuisine and crispiness.

Air Fryer Potatoes And Onions

How Long to Cook Potatoes and Onions in the Air Fryer 

About 25 to 30 minutes of cooking time is required to get the potatoes fork-tender. Before taking your potatoes out of the air fryer, always inspect them.

Can I use other types of potatoes?

You may use any potato in this recipe, yes. The same dish has been successfully prepared with sweet potatoes, Yukon potatoes, Red potatoes, New potatoes, and even Russett potatoes.

What to Serve with this Side Dish

Any potato side dish can be served with potatoes and onions. It is offered for brunch, lunch, dinner, and all meals in between. It is lovely served as an appetizer or snack with your preferred dipping sauce; mine is pesto mayo. It complements grilled, filled tiny peppers, chicken, lamb, steak, or seafood since it is adaptable.

How to Storage Leftover Fried Potatoes and Onion

Fried potatoes and onions should be refrigerated after cooling for up to five days if you want to keep leftovers.

Completely fry the potatoes and onions before putting them in a freezer-safe bag or container with a secure lid. They can be kept for a maximum of three months. When ready, let frozen items thaw overnight in the fridge before reheating them. 


Why Do You Soak Potatoes In Water Before Air Frying?

After cutting the potatoes, soak them to extract part of the naturally contained starch. A crispier fry will come from this. Cold water flows for 30 minutes are sufficient. However, you can soak them for longer if you choose. Before frying, be careful to dry the potatoes after washing.

Should I Boil My Potatoes Before I Air Fryer Them?

To make the fries precisely, the potatoes must first be blanched. Even though it requires an extra step, it is beneficial. By blanching the potato sticks for 4 minutes, the fries are par-cooked to the perfect degree so that the air fryer can crisp up the exterior while preserving the interior’s moisture and tenderness.

How Long Do Onions Go In The Air Fryer?

The onions should be stirred midway through the cooking period of 15-20 minutes at 370°F. To ensure they are cooked to your preferences, check them after 15 minutes.


There are countless excellent methods for cooking potatoes. These experiments allow us to conclude that employing an air fryer is one of many effective methods. The optimum outcome is combining an air fryer with another pre-cooking technique, such as our preferred microwave approach. Let other technologies excel at what they’re greatest at, and let the air fryer do what it does best (crisp & hot).

One final point about the air fryer is how simple it is to use one, which is worth highlighting. In essence, it’s a set-it-and-forget-it method. While there is no heat monitoring, pan shaking, or oil addition, you should surprise your potatoes once halfway through. It’s essentially faultless, albeit never totally. This is fantastic for situations with lots of traffic because it simplifies managing the flow!