Air Fryer Toaster Strudel The Instant and Effortless Recipe For Everyone

This Air Fryer Toaster Strudel is the simplest you’ll ever prepare when it comes to puff pastry desserts. To prepare these Puff Pastry Toaster Strudel in an air fryer, you will need to purchase some frozen puff pastry, and the rest of the materials are probably already in your kitchen cupboards.

Strudel made in an air fryer toaster is an excellent alternative for a quick weekday breakfast, lunch, or dessert. Crusty and flaky with a bit of crispness. Puff pastry stuffed with a tasty sweet, or savoury filling is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. The combination of toaster strudel and air fryer is almost made for one another.  

What is Toaster Strudel

In case you didn’t know, toaster strudels have been popular since the 1980s. Wide distinct varieties are offered under the Pillsbury trademark.

A thin dough sheet is wrapped with various kinds of jam and then baked or toasted to make this tasty delicacy. There was a time when strudels were advertised as a simple pastry snack that anybody could whip up in their kitchen.

Traditional strudels come in various shapes and sizes, but toaster strudels are specifically sized to fit in a toaster oven. As a result, even young toddlers could independently grab a strudel, place it in the toaster, and have a warm, delicious meal in minutes.

Is it possible to prepare toasted strudel in an air fryer?

You’ll appreciate how simple it is to cook them in an air fryer, starting from scratch or reheating frozen leftovers. These frozen desserts are perfect for packing in the lunch box or serving as an after-school snack, and they may even be enjoyed for breakfast.

Pillsbury makes a variety of fruit-filled toaster strudels, including strawberry, apple pie, and blueberry flavours, all of which can be found in the refrigerated section of your local supermarket.

What is it That Makes This Method So Great?

If you look at the name of the meal, “Toaster Strudels,” you might wonder why an air fryer is being utilised. We’ll show you how to create toaster strudels without a toaster because we fell in love with air fryer toast. Among the many advantages of using an air fryer, a few stand out.

Our kitchen hasn’t had a toaster for almost a full year. I was toasting when my toaster suddenly stopped working, so I used my air fryer for the first time. I planned to put the air fryer to use as a toaster when I was done using it for cooking food.

Because of the air fryer’s even heating, I find that toasted strudels taste much better when prepared. Likewise, the unheated puff pastry has a crispier texture than after it’s been toasted.

If it’s not just me, the ones I’ve fried in an air fryer have far better taste.

How to Make Air Fryer Toaster Strudel 

The following are the best practices for making toaster strudels in an air fryer:

It’s essential to keep the toaster strudels frozen solid. While a thawed strudel will work for this, it’s recommended that you use a frozen one to reduce the likelihood of tears occurring during handling.

Put two or three toaster strudels next to each other in the air fryer, depending on their size. Please don’t jam too much food into the air fryer basket. Two strudels should fit in a standard-sized air fryer. The maximum number of strudels that can be added is three, although you may include as many as four if necessary. If you want perfectly cooked strudels, avoid stacking them on top of one other.

Air Fryer Toaster Strudel 3

Bake the strudels in a preheated oven at 350°F or 375°F for around 7–8 minutes. In the third to fourth minute, flip the strudels over. Use gloves, an extendable spatula, or tongs to flip them safely, and be cautious the whole time.

Verify that both sides of the strudels have reached a golden brown hue once they have finished cooking. When done correctly, the strudels will have a crisp outside and a slight depression when pressed in the middle. Just put them on a dish and cover them for two or three minutes..

In a zigzag pattern, open a packet of the frosting and drizzle it over the heated pastry. Enjoy!

How Long Take it In the Air Fryer 

The recommended cooking time for an air fryer is variable, depending on its size and brand. My ideal cooking time is 8 minutes. However, you may find that 5 or 7 minutes is more appropriate.

The filling should be steaming, and the pastry should be crisp.

Remember that these particular directions are for frozen Pillsbury toaster strudels, but their principles should apply to any frozen brand.

Cooking times and temperatures will vary depending on whether you use a conventional oven or a toaster oven to prepare your strudels.

How to Storage Toaster Strudel 

If you want to enjoy your toaster strudels at their peak of deliciousness, we suggest not cooking more than you need.

If you have any toaster strudels left over, you can store them in the fridge for up to a week if you put them in an airtight container. However, be aware that the filling’s moisture might soften the traditionally crisp surface.

Perhaps you could reheat it in an air fryer, but I wouldn’t count on it, and I wouldn’t recommend icing it in before if you plan on reheating it.

Helpful Tips

Due to the uniform heating provided by air fryers, turning food over is usually unnecessary. However, strudels benefit from being flipped halfway through cooking for optimal results. You can avoid this step if you’re in a rush..

Since toaster strudels are often offered frozen, defrosting the air fryer before cooking them is recommended. Of course, you can skip this stage if you choose, but doing so will prevent you from getting the full benefit of your culinary efforts.

Before inserting the strudels in the cooking basket, you can coat the interior with cooking spray. This will keep the strudels from drying and allow them to crisp up nicely during cooking. Remember that the strudels may be cooked without oil in a toaster or air fryer, just as they can be cooked in a toaster or oven. If you want to give the strudels a little more texture, a quick spritz with cooking oil spray will do the trick.

You may also bake the strudels at their maximum temperature setting if you are familiar with your equipment and its cooking settings and timeframes. The highest temperature that most air fryers can achieve is 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Naturally, this would shorten the cooking time.

Opening the air fryer to check on the strudels will cause them to burn. Once you’ve flipped the strudels, you need to remove the basket once more for the rest of the cooking time. Removing the basket from the air fryer many times to check on the pastry can cause uncooked areas.


How Do You Make A Frozen Toaster Strudel In An Air Fryer?

Toaster strudels from the freezer should be placed on the rack of an air fryer. Air-fried at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius) for 5 to 7 minutes or until heated through. Serve with a glaze.

What Is The Toaster Strudel Icing Made Of?

Traditional toaster strudels have a frosting that is comprised of powdered sugar, milk, butter, and vanilla. However, I created this recipe because I wanted cream cheese frosting.


Is it possible to use an air fryer to cook toaster strudels? The quick answer is “yes,” and this is a fantastic strategy for minimising time spent on a task. Stick to the instructions above, and you’ll have a tasty morning pastry. Also, compared to oven-baked strudels, the texture of toaster strudels would soften when air fry.

Therefore, the toaster oven or oven may be your best bet if you want a crisp pastry. However, the Air fryer is your best choice if you’re in a rush and want something sweet.