Best Air Fryer under 50 Dollars with an Affordably Priced Range

Air fryers have grown in popularity as a piece of culinary equipment in the modern world. The fact that you may prepare your meal without using any oil is one of the advantages. The best air fryer under 50 dollars is discussed in this post. By using this guide, you’ll be able to get the greatest air fryer for the best price and save money in the process.

Air fryers are often considered to be high-end kitchen appliances because of their hefty price tags. However, they have an erroneous conception.

Because there are several low-cost air fryers of high-quality Air fryers, which are kitchen appliances that cook fast and healthfully, are very useful. Cooking using an air fryer may be done in a selection of ways. Air fryers may replace a variety of kitchen equipment for all of these purposes.

Air fryers are readily available right now in a wide variety. Cooking capacity is an important consideration when choosing an air fryer. We have a wide range of air fryers, from small and portable models to more affordable models.

What is an Air Fryer, and Why Do we Buy Them

Best Air Fryer Under 50 Dollars
Technically, an air fryer is a little turbo oven that you place on your kitchen counter. It has a frying basket that they may use to cook frozen French fries, chicken wings, and more.

Fan-powered hot air travels through the fryer to cook your favorite foods. As though it were deep-fried, the food comes out crispy but not dripping in oil.

Using an air fryer has a definite health advantage. You may reduce your calorie intake by up to 80% by reducing the amount of fat in your food. This is a massive benefit to those who want to shed pounds. Obesity-related health hazards, such as heart disease, can be reduced by consuming fewer deep-fried meals.

You also benefit from air fryers being safer because there is no chance of hot oil splattering on you while you’re cooking. Due to their compact size, air fryers are more energy-efficient than turbo ovens and toaster ovens.

You can reduce your power bill as you save money on your carbon impact.

What Capacity Best Air Fryer Under 50 Dollars Could You Find

In comparison to a standard air fryer, most air fryers under $50 are small and portable. A single or two-person can comfortably use a 2 QT to 3 QT basket air fryer. The air fryer would easily fit on a small kitchen surface if you have one. However, with such a little cooking basket, you would be unable to perform many culinary chores such as a rotisserie, dehydration, baking, and so on.

The problem is that choosing an air fryer among the various options available can be difficult without understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each model.

To find the best air fryer under $50, our experts looked at the brands, designs, build quality, features, advantages, and disadvantages, and customer ratings. I hope that this guide will assist you in searching for the finest air fryer under 50 dollars.

What Thing to Consider Before Buying the Best Air Fryer

We’re all aware that air fryers are kitchen gadgets that belong in the oven family. Because it doesn’t require 80 percent oil but rather hot air, it’s becoming a more popular healthier option worldwide.

However, several options are available on the market, none of which have the same features or sizes within your desired price range. In my research, I discovered that certain air fryers are more expensive than they are equipped to be. If you want to buy an air fryer for less than 50 dollars, you probably need something tiny and basic for your use or as a present.

It’s vital to think about a few things before you buy a cheap best air fryer under 50 dollars.


Before you purchase an air fryer, keep in mind that you’ll only be able to afford a little air fryer for your family or yourself. Because a 2.6 QT capacity basket is the maximum, you’ll get on this price, and that’s not enough for a large household

Best Air Fryer Under 50 Dollars

The cost is exactly proportional to the capacity, as with any other home equipment. A large air fryer isn’t necessary if your kitchen is cramped or if you don’t have enough room to store it. Take into account how much food you normally cook at a time when determining your budget.

For example, if your household consists of only two people and you cook a huge supper for the whole family on weekends, choose an air fryer with a lower capacity. During the work week, it will see very little use.

The second option is to buy large-capacity air fryers so that each member of your family may cook their food and choose their serving size. The cost of larger gadgets is often higher than the cost of smaller equipment.


After it, there’s power. What is the power operation of the air fryer? The bigger the capacity, the better it is, much like the capacity of the stove. High power indicates more strong heating element and greater cooking performance. Higher power is good. Food will cook more evenly and rapidly with a 1000 watt heating element than an 800-watt heating element.

This means that any air fryer with a heating element of 1000 watts or more will do. There is a 1400 watt heating element in the Go WISE USA air fryer, which costs more than 50 dollars. These air fryers all have an output of 1000 watts and may be used for various types of food preparation.

Control Panel

Low-cost air fryers don’t always prioritize giving their customers easy-to-understand controls, but that has to change immediately. Since more companies are starting to do so to set themselves apart from the challenge.

The term “intuitive” here refers to a digital control panel with backlit buttons and display displays. Even though some top companies are still using it, an analog control system with just two dials to regulate the cooking process is an old concept.

When a newbie like Copper Chef can put a digital control panel into its $40 air fryer, the larger companies should also try to upgrade. Finally, we can state that having a digital control panel will make the entire cooking process easier along with the capacity and power of the cooking appliance.

 Time setting

If your air fryer does not include a timed adjustment setting, you will not cook your food to perfection. Because each meal requires a certain amount of time to cook in an air fryer, whereas chicken takes 18-25 minutes, French fries just need 10-15 minutes. When shopping for an air fryer in this price range, look for one with a timer. That adjusts between 30 and 60 minutes.

BPA Free Basket

This implies your air fryer basket should be prepared of excellent quality plastic with no harmful toxins presence. Your selected air fryer basket should be constructed of BPA-free plastic and fulfill all FDA requirements.


An air fryer is certainly a worthwhile purchase because of the numerous features that make it possible to enjoy delicious food without feeling guilty. When it comes to eating healthily, air fryers are a great place to start. There are a lot of advantages to using an air fryer, but the greatest thing is that you can get them all for very little cost. In addition, we’ve spoken about some things to remain in mind while looking for an air fryer. They should streamline the search process for you now. We really hope that our information was useful in making your choice.

9 Best Air fryer under 50 dollars- Reviews

  1. Maxi-Matic Elite Gourmet 
  2. Dash Compact
  3. Elite Gourmet EAF-0201 Personal
  4. Chefman’s 2-Quart TurboFry
  5. 2 Quarts Copper Chef
  6. Programmable GoWISE USA
  7. Comfee’ CFY35M2AGB
  8. Air Fryer by Simple Chef
  9. ZENY Electric Air Fryer w/Touch Screen Control.

Maxi-Matic Elite Gourmet  – Maxi-Matic air Fryer

Maxi-Matic Elite Gourmet
  • Brand: Elite Gourmet
  • Capacity: 0.95 Liters
  • Color: Red
  • Wattage:700 watts
  • Model Name : Elite Gourmet EAF-3218R Personal 1.1Qt Compact Space Saving Electric Hot Air Fryer

A 1-quart volume makes this Elite Gourmet air fryer great for tiny kitchens, lone cooks, or couples. To avoid overcooking and burning, it has a 30-minute timer with an auto shut-off and is available in three eye-catching hues: red, black, and mint green.


You can cook your food precisely on every side, whether you’re using the air fryer or one of the other extra capabilities like roasting, baking, or grilling. The air fryer comes with seven quick-cooking recommendations for vegetables, meats and seafood, poultry, cheese, fries, and baked products with these different characteristics.

Easy to Clean

Keeping your Maxi-Matic Elite air fryer clean is a breeze, thanks to dishwasher-safe parts. Even though it may clean it with a moist cloth, you should first make sure the air fryer is disconnected from the mains.

With this bit of air fryer, you can make delicious delicacies together with your loved ones without the stress of using oil. As long as you keep an eye on your budget, you may add a wide variety of accessories to this air fryer.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose this option because it’s smaller in size. But it produces food that is at least as good as what can be found at larger establishments


  • It’s simple to use.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Value for your money.
  • The taste of the food is excellent.
  • Sheerness is a beautiful quality.


  • It has a reasonably limited cooking capacity.

Dash Compact Air FryerDash Air Fryer

Dash Compact Air Fryer
  • Brand: DASH
  • Color: Aqua
  • Capacity:2 Quarts
  • Item Weight: 5.7 Pounds


The Dash Compact Air Fryer is the best air fryer under 50 dollars that produces a crisp, delightful scent of fried food. This tiny air fryer allows you to make all of your favorite fried foods, including crispy chicken, French fries, and more.


The newly developed, one-of-a-kind design allows you to cook with up to 80% less oil. Because the new Dash Compact Air Fryer doesn’t use any oil for cooking, you won’t have to feel guilty about overindulging.

Cooking Capacity

With this method, you get the delicious taste of fried food while cutting down on your fat consumption, making it a healthy option as well!

If you’re looking for the finest air fryer under 50 dollars, this one has a two-quart cooking capacity and up to 15 healthy and fast recipes.

When cooking high-calorie foods like bacon or beef short ribs, the cool-touch housing assures safe operation! With this appliance, you’ll be able to cook up a wide variety of your favorite dishes without the need for a messy cooktop splash.

Easy to clean

Since the food is cooked inside the device, there’s no need for an additional pan, which saves time and effort when cleaning up after the meal! Dishwasher-safe parts avoid the need to clean up any spills at the same time.


  • Suitable for tiny kitchens, 
  • Ideal for either a single or a pair.
  • Half a bag of fries or six wings at a time may fit in this machine.
  • Faster cooking leads to tastier food that is also healthier.
  • It’s simple to use and clean.


  • After a few months, the nonstick coating may begin to flake off.

Elite Gourmet EAF-0201 Personal Air Fryer – Elite Gourmet air Fryer Recipes

Elite Gourmet Eaf-0201 Personal Air Fryer
  • Color: Blue Gray
  • Brand: Elite Platinum
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 11.02 x 8.5 x 10.75 inches
  • Capacity:0.68 Liter

You’ll be able to satisfy all of your food cravings without using any oil in this new frontier in the culinary world! With the Elite Platinum Air Fryer, you can fry everything from fried chicken to burgers to pizza with ease.


There are several features included in this best air fryer that make cooking easier. Your meals will be tastier and less messy since you won’t be consuming as much oil, saving you money and time in the kitchen.

Your favorite dishes may now be prepared at record speed while consuming less energy, to the use of a timer! To preserve your food’s natural tastes and nutrients, the thermal management knobs allow you to cook it either raw or cooked.

The Elite Gourmet Air Fryer is built with stainless steel outside and a nonstick inside, guaranteeing that it will never lose its flavor.

They may securely remove air fryer-cooked items from the air fryer without the need for a hot plate, which can burn flesh when in contact with heat.


A high-capacity, low-wattage electric heating element evenly distributes hot air around the mesh rack, accommodating up to 1.5 pounds of food.

Everyone, from family members to college students who enjoy snacks like chicken nuggets and French fries, may enjoy this fine air fryer.


  • The instruction manual and cookbook are helpful and easy to grasp.
  • Clean and straightforward to use, with minimal monitoring.
  • There is a high-quality nonstick coating on this pan.
  • It doesn’t become hot or heated at all when cooking.


  • Possibly take up more space than expected.

Chefman 2-Quart TurboFry – Best Affordable Air Fryer

Chefman 2-Quart Turbofry
  • Color: U.k. Version
  • Brand: Chefman
  • Voltage: 240 Volts
  • Capacity: 2 liters
  • Model Name:Ultra-Compact 2 Quart Air Fryer

Chefman 2-Quart TurboFry

Use this air fryer to make tasty and nutritious meals. When you cook up your favorite dishes in minutes, there are no calories or fats to worry about. You can cook with 98 percent less oil or without any oil and still get the same flavor and health benefits. To ensure the safety of this air fryer, it contains an indicator light for both heat and energy.


You can simply open and place the frying basket with the soft-touch rubber handle on top and then insert fresh or frozen food inside the frying container. Finally, pick a time and temperature, and the meal will be ready in a jiffy.

Cooking Time

You can easily set the timing and temperature of this air fryer using the simple dial control panel. However, cooking time is 60 minutes at a temperature of 400 C Fahrenheit. Everyone can cook like a professional with ease.


This air fryer has a 2-liter capacity and is compact and sleek. You don’t have to use as many pots and equipment with this air fryer—a small air fryer with the highest efficiency in a compact design. To avoid coming into contact with any hot parts of the frying pan, the rubber handle is a great help in handling the frying pan safely. Lighting with an energy and heat indication helps you stay safe.

Overheating in an air fryer may be prevented with time and temperature controls. Cooking trays and baskets in this air fryer are dishwasher-safe. It’s a simple task to clean. Using this air fryer in your kitchen is a visual treat because of its soft and attractive appearance. You may put this tiny air fryer anywhere.


  • Lightweight and small in stature.
  • The best air fryer for the money.
  • For one or two people, it’s ideal.
  • It was worth every penny.
  • An easy-to-maintain product.


  • Quite noisy

Copper Chef 2 Quarts-Air Fryer – Copper Chef Air Fryer Recipe Guide

Copper Chef 2 Quarts-Air Fryer
  • Color: Black
  • Has Nonstick Coating: Yes
  • Brand: Copper Chef
  • Capacity:1.89 Liters

You may prepare any recipe in your cookbook with the Copper Chef Power Air-Fryer. You may make everything from fried chicken to fried fish to fried waffles to fried pies to fried doughnuts when using it.


This appliance will make you feel like a master chef as you cook. If you don’t have a baking pan, deep fryer, grill pan, or convection toaster oven, you may simply substitute this for any of them.

A whirling turbo of hot air surrounds your meal with the Copper Chef Power Air Fryer. This means that they can serve fried food in a healthier form. It may achieve crispy fried flavor and texture in a matter of minutes. The use of this kitchen equipment is a cinch.

The Copper Chef Power Air Fryer makes it easy to prepare nutritious and flavorful meals. This Copper Chef power air fryer can cook for two to three people at a time. The 2-quart easy-load basket is coated with a nonstick surface. You can prepare an inclusive variety of foods using time and temperature controls. With one-touch digital control, you can roast, air fry, bake, steam, cook, and grill in a matter of minutes.

Cooking Capacity

An automated shut-off feature is also included. Up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit may be generated by this 1000 watts of turbo-cyclonic power. As a bonus, it offers an ergonomic handle. The Copper Chef’s Power Air Fryer comes with dishwasher-safe components, making cleaning a breeze.


  • Great quality
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Affordable


  • When cooked for the first time, it emits a noxious odor.

GoWISE USA GW22638 Programmable Air Fryer – GoWISE USA Air Fryer

Gowise Usa Programmable-Air Fryer
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight:13 Pounds
  • Brand: GoWISE USA
  • Capacity:3.5 Liters

GoWISE USA is a US company that designs and manufactures all its products with the ordinary American home in mind.


Because of this, GoWISE USA air fryers offer two significant features: a large frying capacity and a simple user interface. For those who want to eat a lot of excellent food, GoWISE USA wants to make sure that they may all do so.

We were pleased to discover that they didn’t compromise on these two functions, even on a cheap air fryer. One of the few affordable air fryers featuring a digital control panel and eight pre-set cooking options is GoWISE USA’s GW22638 air fryer.

Heating Element

The 1400 watt heating element is also responsible for producing some of the best-tasting meals in the world. GoWISE USA’s $50 price tag raises the question of how they do it.

Budget Effective

In terms of cost, the GoWISE USA GW22638 retails at just over $50. For this reason, this air fryer made our list of the best air fryers because of its superior frying capabilities and features.

With just one touch of a button, you can create some of your favorite dishes like fish, fried potatoes, and chicken, thanks to the 3.7-quart capacity and eight pre-sets.

If you’re willing to invest a bit more money, the best option on our list is GoWISE USA GW22638.


  • Eight one-touch settings
  • A reasonable ability to cook
  • Everything is shown on a giant LED screen.
  • When the dish is done, you’ll hear a distinct sound.
  • A handbook with fifty recipes is included.


  • Noise issue 

Comfee ’CFY35M2AGB-Air Fryersonal 2.1 Qt – COMFEE’ Air Fryer Recipes

Comfee ’Cfy35M2Agb-Air Fryer
  • Color: Black with stainless steel finish
  • Item Weight:8.6 Pounds
  • Brand: COMFEE’
  • Capacity:3.7 Quarts
This air fryer has a sleek design. It’s made of stainless steel with black clock knobs and a black menu choice lid. There are also two LED lights. At 13.78 by 12.01 by 10.24 inches, but that’s acceptable because it has a greater cooking capacity.

Cooking Capacity

The air fryer basket can hold 3.7 quarts of food at once. It is best to buy 1.1 lbs. of frozen French fries. Temp and timing settings may be adjusted from 180 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 60 minutes, respectively, using the dial.

Defrosting, chicken wings, meat and fish, French fries, shrimp, and cake are all included in the eight menu selections available to you. You no longer need to use a deep fryer, microwave, or toaster oven with this air fryer.

Coffee has ensured that the air fryer is safe and healthy. Fast Air Circulation Technology reduces oil use by 90%. It has overheating and auto-shutoff features. The fryer bucket is BPA and PFOA-free and safe to use with a nonstick surface and dishwasher safety.


  • Quiet
  • It’s simple to use and clean.
  • Affordable


  • For the timer to stop, it must be turned off (can’t turn off halfway).
  • It says the maximum temperature is 400 F, but I can only get it to about 370.

Simple Chef Air Fryer – Pampered Chef Air Fryer

Simple Chef Air Fryer
  • Brand: Simple Chef
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 14.17 x 12.68 x 12.68 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 3.5 Liters

The Simple Chef Air Fryer is an excellent option if you want to switch to healthy cooking and are looking for the finest air fryer under $50. This air fryer is made with a world-class design and BPA-free materials, allowing it to cook everything from French fries to fried veggies.

Cooking Time & Temperature

A 30-minute standby timer and temperature adjustments from 180 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit round out the impressive features of this air fryer. In addition, the air fryer’s quick hot air circulation and overheat prevention combine for a novel cooking experience.

Additional Feature

There is no need for oil when using these features, as the quick circulation of hot air reduces the fat content of many meals, like French fries, by as much as 70%. The dishwasher-safe cooking basket and pan, as well as the nonstick cooking basket, further simplify cleanup.

The Simple Chef Air Fryer is the quickest and healthiest way to cook your food, using a low-oil method that provides crispy nibbles.


  • With the ability to change the temperature and the length of time,
  • The timer is ready.
  • A stainless steel frying basket that is safe for the dishwasher.
  • Plastic that does not contain BPA
  • There is a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not sure with your purchase.


  • Complaints have been made concerning the temperature controls.
  • Extreme overheating

ZENY Electric Air Fryer w/Touch Screen Control

Zeny Electric Air Fryer Wtouch Screen Control
  • Brand: ZENY
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 16.7 x 13.2 x 14.4 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Wattage: 1700 watt_hours

Due to its widespread appeal, we’ve chosen it as our top option for the best electric air fryers.

It’s simple to use, versatile, and a fantastic value for the money due of its many incredible features.

To grill, roast, and bake, this air fryer is up to the task. Easy-to-use buttons and a removable basket that it can remove make this a one-stop-shop for your culinary needs. Using a touchscreen control, you may change and monitor the settings (such as time and temperature) to suit your preferences.

Cooking Time

The fool is perfectly cooked in less than 30 minutes because of the Quick Air Technology, which circulates the hot air within the air fryer rapidly. In addition, cleaning the pan does not require scrubbing. A dishwasher is all you want to do to clean it. Safety is the most critical consideration while operating an air fryer.

Additional Feature

In addition to the carry handle for simple transportation and storage, the ZENY Electric Air Fryer is incredibly safe to use. As a result, the timer may be set, and other chores can be completed simultaneously, to the automated switch-off function. This air fryer is our top selection because of its ease of use, comfort in cleaning, superb temperature settings, and stylish design at such a reasonable price.


  • It’s simple to use.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Using a touchscreen is an option. 
  • Performance is fast, and pre-heating is minimal.
  • Temperatures can be set between 176 and 392 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • There’s a short shelf life for pans with nonstick linings.
  • There were a few folks that experienced issues with the fan.


What Air Fryer Do You Recommend?

If you’re looking for a gadget that can simply fry food, look no further than the ZENY Electric Air Fryer. There’s enough room for a small chicken to fit in the basket without having to worry about the fluids dripping into the pan.

Can You Put Aluminum Foil in an Air Fryer?

Yeah, you can cook food in an air fryer using aluminum foil, but it isn’t always the best choice. In an air fryer, aluminium foil can be used, but only in the basket. If you’re looking for something that won’t get in the way of cooking, baking paper or a simple basket are better possibilities.

What are the Disadvantages of Air Frying?

If you’re using air-frying, you’re going to have a hard time evading burning your meal. Your health may also be negatively affected by eating food that has been overcooked.. Cucuzza points out, air-frying meals for a large family can be complicated because most machines can only cook 1 to 3 pounds of food at a time.


A low-cost air fryer is a great place to start if you want to live a healthier lifestyle. Cooking healthy cuisine in an air fryer is a snap. A common misconception is that only traditional deep-fryers can produce tasty results and that air fryers are out of reach for most people because of their perceived high cost. These theories, on the other hand, are utter nonsense.

However, the most excellent air fryers under 50 dollars have been identified and reviewed in this post. If you want to eat healthier, this air fryer is a good place to start. Healthy meals may be made in less than an hour using one of these recipes.

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a high-quality air fryer, I hope this post will be helpful. However, just because they’re less expensive doesn’t imply that they’re any less effective. The Dash Compact Air Fryer is a good illustration of this trend.

This air fryer is of exceptional quality. However, it is affordable. As a result, you should stop preparing meals the old-fashioned way. Using a low-cost air fryer, you may prepare delectable meals that are also good for you.