Best Built in Coffee Maker – Amazing Buying Guide For Your Kitchen

There’s something special about well-designed, all-in-one kitchen equipment, no? The whole space has a more streamlined and refined look when everything has a specific and integrated location. However, it is rare to come across a kitchen outfitted with the best built in coffee maker on the market.

If you expect a lot of guests, you may want to reconsider the sort of coffee machine you plan to purchase. Whether you live alone or with a large family, choosing the right coffee maker is essential.. The first satisfying sip of coffee in the morning gets your blood pumping and keeps your thoughts on the task at hand.

Those accustomed to standard coffee makers may find adjusting to a built-in machine difficult. However, we’ve made things easier for you by compiling a comprehensive guide that should answer any questions or concerns regarding built-in coffee machines.

In addition to brewing tasty coffee, high-quality built-in coffee makers give several other advantages. Initially, and most importantly, there is the issue of how convenient everything is. All of these gadgets are easy additions to any kitchen. Having it built in means less stuff on the counter and more room for preparation. In addition, they come in various styles that you may use to improve your kitchen’s overall look.

How To Find The Right Built In Coffee Machine 

This will depend on various factors and is bound to vary from person to person. For example, if you’re planning on renovating your entire kitchen, you may have a particular aesthetic or color scheme in mind. On the other hand, perhaps you’d like your coffee maker to conform to the brand scheme established by the rest of the room’s appliances. All the companies we’ve discussed today produce a wide variety of connected home appliances, so your final decision should primarily be based on the prominence of your most prized machine.

Depending on the available cabinet or counter space, you may make some compromises when installing or changing an integrated coffee machine in an already constructed kitchen. While the sizes of these devices are pretty consistent, you should still check the specifications to ensure the appliance will fit in your kitchen.

More so than the coffee machine, these considerations may determine your best option. However, if none of these limitations apply to you, our list should offer all you need to settle on a favorite.

What is Built in Coffee Machine 

As the name implies, a built-in coffee maker is meant to be built into kitchen cabinets in the same way that a wall oven is. The two primary benefits of this setup over a regular coffee maker are:.

Commercial coffee shop quality is brought into the house with built-in coffee makers.

An in-wall coffee maker instead of a portable one removes one more tiny device from the kitchen counter, freeing up crucial real estate.

There are two distinct types of coffee makers that are built in:

Deciding between a plumbed and non-plumbed coffee machine is the final step to home barista status. But, first, the dissimilarities must be examined.

An additional expense is incurred when purchasing a plumbed coffee maker due to the necessity of having it professionally installed to connect to the kitchen’s waterline. A piped coffee system’s main perk is the increased ease with which it may be used. Coffee water is fetched from the kitchen plumbing when you pick your preferred beverage. There is never a need to restock.

However, a built-in coffee system that doesn’t involve plumbing may function fine with a refillable water reservoir. These types’ lack of necessitating plumbing facilitates their installation practically anywhere. While it is still advisable to have a professional install this type of unit to ensure a flush appearance, the overall cost is reduced because there is no need to connect to an existing water supply.

Features to Consider When Buying a Coffee Maker

Choosing the best coffee maker might be challenging if you don’t know what to look for. Having a list of requirements for your ideal coffee maker will make the shopping for one much easier.

You’ll be able to zero in on the aspects—reliability, convenience, budget, value, and aesthetics—that are most important to you. In this section, we’ll go over some of the details you should think about when comparing coffee makers.

Keep a look out for these potential issues.


When looking for a new coffee machine, features should be your first priority Planning out your needs before shopping for a coffee maker is a good idea. You can then use this information to narrow your search for a coffee machine to one that fits your needs. One of the first things that comes to mind is the beverages it can create.

The potential methods of brewing should also be thought about. Each of us has a preferred brew style, and it would be great if our coffee maker could accommodate our preferences. Therefore, keep an eye out for the brew strength option. 

The brewing temperature of today’s coffee makers may often be adjusted manually. Regarding sanitation, it is crucial to search for functions like self-cleaning and descaling. Choose a coffee machine with sophisticated self-cleaning and descaling features if you use hard water.

The coffee maker’s capacity for automation is another factor to think about. These days, some coffee makers can even link to your intelligent home system so you can operate it with the touch of a button. For this reason, choosing how much authority you’d like to have is crucial. More advanced coffee machines are fun to explore, but they often come at a higher price.

Tank for Holding Water

This is a vital component of the coffee machine since it is where the water will be stored when it is used to brew coffee or other beverages. Therefore, the size of the water storage tank should be your priority. The coffee maker you buy should include a water tank, so you don’t have to keep stopping to replenish it.. A bigger water tank is a good idea if your household is somewhat sizable.

Having a detachable water tank makes maintenance much more straightforward. For example, a coffee machine with a detachable water tank is more convenient to maintain if it requires regular cleaning. The water tank’s longevity and ability to retain heat are also affected by the material with which it is constructed.

Best Built In Coffee Maker


Obtaining a coffee maker is straightforward, but acquiring a long-lasting one requires forethought and work. Getting a coffee maker that won’t last more than two years if you don’t feel rushed into making the purchase is possible. A coffee maker will usually last four or five years. However, some of them can endure for ten years or more.

Therefore, you should think about how long it will last. If you want a coffee maker that will last and not break down quickly, look for one that is well-made. Think about the warranty, too, because it will come in handy if something goes wrong while it’s still under warranty.

Pressure Pump

A pressure pump is a crucial component of an espresso machine. You can’t make good espresso without a pressure of at least 9 bars.. In addition, a more robust pump allows for finer grinding when using a coffee grinder, which releases more of the coffee’s inherent tastes.

Numerous low-priced espresso makers are available, and you may notice that they all have a reciprocating pump that has to be adjusted before you use it. Unfortunately, they are ineffective due to the enormous pressure they produce in the kitchen.

Before purchasing your preferred espresso machine, you should check the pressure pump’s condition.


The espresso water is heated effectively by the boiler. Therefore, before purchasing your preferred espresso machine, you should consider the boiler’s material, thickness, weight, and design. It’s essential to remember that espresso tastes better when the temperature stays consistent.

Standard materials for boiler construction include steel, brass, and aluminum. Here’s where craftiness is called for. Aluminum is used in low-end models because metal is inexpensive and lightweight. Therefore, it can heat up quickly, making it ideal for single use.

However, if you’re thinking about the long run, a boiler made of aluminum isn’t the best option because it erodes more quickly than other metals and will need to be replaced more frequently. Additionally, new studies have linked aluminium to Alzheimer’s disease..

However, steel warms up more and is very appropriate for brewing returning shots, and brass can accomplish the same job as steel. However, brass is the most temperature-stable material, according to specialists.

Then, you’ll want to consider boiler sizes! While a smaller boiler can heat water rapidly for one or two cups, it will take longer to recover after use. Take note of the more significant boiler sizes available. They have mastered temperature maintenance and want shorter rest periods.

Larger boilers are standard in more expensive espresso machines. A heat exchange boiler might be used in more expensive machinery. Because they may simultaneously brew and heat from separate sections of the boiler.

So as you know, it takes anything from 20 seconds to a minute to get the heat working correctly when your machine doesn’t have a heat exchanger boiler.

Steer cautious of the coffee makers that heat the water with a Thermo block. Thermo blocks can’t be compared to other building materials in terms of temperature stability.


It’s a container for holding ground coffee before it’s brewed. In order to get the most out of your coffee, you know that the grinding and tamping processes are crucial. The portafilter’s design is crucial to the quality of an espresso machine. It’s common to find two distinct types of portafilters on the market: the pressurised portafilter and the commercial-style portafilter.

Most espresso makers that cost less than $450 include pressured portafilters with a diameter of 49 to 54 millimeters manufactured of metal. No need to worry about the grind fitness or the tamp pressure because the portafilters provide the ideal stress.

A wider surface area is guaranteed by the 58mm diameter of commercial portafilters. These portafilters’ resistance to water flow is produced mainly through the tamping and grinding pressure.

Using a commercial portafilter to brew espresso requires practice and patience for the first few shots. However, forged brass portafilters have the potential to give better stability and absorb more heat.

Director of Operations

The group head is part of an espresso machine, where the portafilters are secured. For optimal temperature regulation and equal heat dispersion, brass is the ideal material for this group head.


The espresso machine’s valves may be classified into two categories: spring valves and three-way solenoid valves. Coffee valves, or spring valves, are the most straightforward variety. The spring valves usually leak after some time and need to be replaced. Have no fear! They can be swapped out quickly and effortlessly.

Drip-free system valves, also known as 3-way solenoid valves, have no moving parts and are used in drip-free systems. These valves may be used for decades with only occasional servicing.

Coffee Pod Compatibility

Each coffee pod has a single-serve filter disc that can only be used in espresso machines designed to accommodate them. Use these pods whenever you need a burst of warmth and cleanliness. Check the espresso machine’s coffee pod compatibility before deciding on one.


The aesthetics and the taste of coffee brewed by a built-in machine are reasons to celebrate. However, when designing a coffee maker in your kitchen, you need to take special care to ensure that it will coordinate well with the rest of your appliances.

Therefore, focus on the finer points, both external and internal. In addition, pay attention to the coffee machine’s layout, including the buttons, control panel, and other elements.


When looking to purchase a coffee maker, it is also important to examine the machine’s size. Coffee machines with a variety of built-in cup sizes are available. Typically, coffee makers can handle cups between 8 and 16 ounces. Multiple cup sizes are also an option with some coffee makers. Select a coffee machine that can accommodate the size of your favorite cups.

There’s also the coffee machine’s actual footprint to think about. Because of its intended integration with other kitchen appliances, this is especially significant for built-in coffee makers. Before you go out and buy a coffee maker, measure the area you plan to put it in.

The 4 Best Built in Coffee Maker- Review 

  • Bosch BCM8450UC 24 Inch Wide Built-In Automatic Coffee Machine
  • Smeg 24″ Built-In Fully Automatic Coffee Machine
  • JURA 13626 ENA Micro 1 Automatic Coffee Machine
  • Gaggenau 200 Series Built-in Automatic Coffee Machine

Bosch BCM8450UC 24 Inch Wide Built-InAutomatic Coffee Machine

Bosch Bcm8450Uc 24 Inch Wide Built-In Automatic Coffee Machine
  • Brand: BOSCH
  • Item Weight: 36.7 Pound
  • Voltage: 120 Volt
  • Color: Stainless Steel

If you want the best coffee possible, go no further than the Bosch Built-In coffee maker. 

Program Setting 

It can froth milk for specialty coffees, including lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and espresso. This revolutionary technology allows you to brew coffee with the touch of a button or by programming a command on your mobile device.

Multiple Function 

Rather than choosing between a latte and an Americano, you may brew both with the OneTouch Double Cup function.

Likewise, you may choose between a single and double shot on the Bosch and then tweak the drink’s temperature, strength, and size to your liking.

This model can brew as many as 12 drinks, and its user-friendly touchscreen interface makes it as simple as a smartphone. To make it even easier to prepare drinks to everyone’s liking, the system can remember up to eight different profiles, each with preferences for drink size, temperature, and strength.


You may keep milk in the built-in canister for up to 8 hours, steaming it as needed for beverages. Bosch also has a hands-free cleaning, milk steam-rinsing, and de-scaling feature so that you may avoid any manual upkeep.

Easy to Clean

It’s easy to keep up with cup changes thanks to this Bosch coffee maker’s ability to accommodate numerous servings at once. Plumbing is not required because the water tank is quickly removed and replaceable. The Bosch built-in coffee maker is the best option if you want a readily accessible milk tank, brew section, and bean hopper.


The dishwasher-safe removable parts of this coffee machine make maintenance a breeze. The remaining ingredients are all stainless steel and wipe off easily. Additionally, it is equipped with an automated cleaning function.

The Home Connect app is the best part of this built-in because it allows you to start the brew cycle for your coffee from anywhere in the world. So you can be lying in bed, waking up, and have a cup of brewed Americano waiting for you when you get to the kitchen. What an amazing time to be alive.


  • Locks are child-proof
  • Remote monitoring capabilities
  • Auto-cleaning function
  • Customizable brewing setup
  • Gives your kitchen a trendy flair


  • That’s a lot of money.
  • In time, the brewing apparatus might become detached.

Smeg 24″ Built-In Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Bosch Bcm8450Uc 24 Inch Wide Built-In Automatic Coffee Machine
  • Brand: Smeg
  • Item Weight: 65 Pounds
  • Special Feature: Integrated Coffee Grinder, Milk Frother
  • Color: Stainless Steel

A great example of a completely autonomous product that is built in. The stainless steel construction might make it cumbersome to relocate regularly (it weighs about 65 pounds or 31 kg).


Two cups of coffee may be prepared with a Smeg, and you can vary the strength from extra-light through light, medium, strong, and extra-strong. For the sake of ” raising the tempo” during peak seasons (and we all have them).

Various technical tricks and ingenious solutions make three distinct levels of spiciness possible.

Because the method by which you grind your beans directly affects the final product’s flavor and quality, Smug’s grinder has a wide variety of adjustable settings.

Water Storage tank

It’s possible to get rid of the water storage unit (and possibly exchange it for a larger one). This feature will be handy if this product is utilized in the office or any other setting where many individuals have a strong desire for caffeine.

Additional Feature

We’d be OK with a standard or double cup of coffee, but these days, folks need even more caffeine in their lives. In contrast, the Smeg offers a cappuccino machine that automatically froths milk, has a rinse function, a hot water function, and a rinsing option.

Smeg is up to date since it is fabricated from fingerprint-proof stainless steel and features a Multilanguage LCD.


  • Coffee grinder with a dial for fineness adjustment
  • Water storage tank that may be removed
  • The use of hot water
  • The brew strength and temperature of your coffee may be customized.
  • LCD with support for many languages


  • You’ll have to carry water in not connected to a water central.
  • Since the beans are put into the machine from above, additional clearance is required.

JURA 13626 ENA Micro 1 Automatic Coffee Machine

Jura 13626 Ena Micro 1 Automatic Coffee Machine
  • Brand: Jura
  • Coffee Maker Type: Espresso Machine
  • Capacity: 400 Milliliters
  • Color: Micro Black

As far as compact coffee makers go, the Jura is one of the sleekest and most modern-looking options available. Its soft curves and vibrant black paint job make it reminiscent of classic jukeboxes.

Multi-level Grinder 

The Jura’s micro brewing unit and the multi-level grinder will let you easily take on your most formidable enemy, fatigue. This coffee maker can be placed anywhere and features a built-in touch panel with three different-sized cup options.

Fragrance Setting

As a bonus, you may select between two different scent intensities. Because of this, Jura isn’t the most versatile coffee machine in terms of varieties, but it’s “worth a go” (sorry, I just had to repeat it).

Device Weight 

At the same time, this is a tiny device, measuring only 9 inches in height! As a result, this super-automatic espresso machine is one of the most space-efficient options, with dimensions of just 12.7 inches across and 17.5 inches deep. However, at 19.4 pounds, it’s relatively heavy, especially for a product of its diminutive size (9 kg).

Power Saving 

The product’s energy-saving mode allows it to power down after being idle for a long time. In addition, the energy conservation mode and innovative zero-energy switch make Jura remarkably efficient.


We can’t stress this enough: with over 200 sales, this is one of the most popular coffee-related items on Amazon. The vast majority of reviews are enthusiastic about the coffee from Jura. However, some have mentioned issues with the company’s online customer service.

Jura uses several protective formulae designed to neutralize harmful substances, so you can rest sure that you and your family will be safe and healthy. Therefore, outdoor use of this product is not recommended.


  • Conveniently small
  • Affordable Price 
  • Having the ability to turn off electricity mechanically
  • Accessible and easy to use


  • Weak adaptability in terms of configuration

Gaggenau 200 Series Built-In Automatic Coffee Machine

Gaggenau 200 Series Built-In Automatic Coffee Machine
  • Brand: Gaggenau
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Special Feature: Timer, Water Filter, Programmable
  • Color: Stainless

The Gaggenau 200 Series built-in coffee machine is yet another great choice. It’s an automated coffee machine with a 24-inch touchscreen and stainless steel construction. It’s superior to its rivals thanks to several notable characteristics.

Multiple Series

The brewing chamber of the 200 Series may be modified to provide the perfect cup of coffee every time. Thanks to its flexible brewing settings, it allows you to adjust the coffee-to-milk ratio to your liking. Six different brew strengths are available for your coffee, and you may change it to taste.

You may choose from no less than twelve different beverages, including hot water, milk foam, warm milk, coffee, and specialty drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. In addition, the coffee machine’s dispenser may be adjusted to brew to the perfect height for any mug. Moreover, it provides three distinct coffee brewing temperatures to suit your own preference.

2- Cups

Because of its double sprout, this coffee maker can simultaneously produce two cups. A heat- and break-proof ceramic burr grinder is included. When you open the main panel, you may access the milk storage container, waste ground container, water tank, and bean hopper. As a result, refueling won’t be a problem.


The two bags of ground coffee mean you can make different kinds of coffee. Before reloading the Gaggenau 200 Series built-in coffee maker with fresh beans, you may use the empty-grinding option to remove any leftover grounds. Cleaning and descaling can be done automatically.


  • Utilizes a Brewing Method Called an “Aroma Whirl”
  • Descaling and cleaning are both done automatically.
  • There are six different brew strengths available for coffee.
  • This is a double-bud set.
  • Temperature control for the brewing process


  • Extremely costly
  • The water tank is not piped. Therefore it must be filled by hand.


Is There A Coffee Maker That Does Everything?

Since the introduction of the first drip coffee machine in the United States, the coffee industry has seen significant development. Their special-occasion coffee machine is an all-in-one machine.

With this multifunctional appliance, you may prepare strong shots of espresso, single cups of coffee using the K-cup compatible system, or a 10-cup jug of drip coffee.

How Long Does A Built In Coffee Maker Last?

The typical coffee maker lasts for roughly five years. However, the lifespan of the equipment is extended to as much as ten years with frequent cleaning and descaling. There are coffee makers that can last up to 10 years, but you might want to say goodbye to yours sooner.


Indeed, this has been a delightful journey. We appreciated reading it and thought you will too. Likely, one of the coffee above makers has already won you over. If not, our buying guide may shed light on what to look for in a built-in coffee maker.

Please note that the coffee above makers is now the top-selling models on the market and that they fulfill all the criteria we had set for the finest integrated coffee makers. This evaluation has no ambiguity or room for interpretation so that all claims can be checked.

Pay close attention to the details we covered in our shopping guide as you decide on your preferred built-in coffee maker. Never put anybody else’s needs above your own while deciding on what to do when faced with uncertainty.