Can Paper Towel Go in the Oven- A Complete Guide

We frequently wonder if a Can Paper Towel Go in the Oven. Some dishes are more likely to require paper towels during preparation. However, paper towels might be more of a nuisance than a benefit in some kitchens and are therefore not suitable for everybody (this is because paper towels have a property that makes them combust at specific temperatures).

If we take the heat as an example, the temperature at which paper will ignite is about 451 degrees Fahrenheit. Still, a normal oven temperature ranges from 325 to 375 ℉ (with hot ovens going up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit).

In a word, no. An oven fire might result from putting paper towels in there. Never put flammable paper near a stove or other heat source.

That means you can put them in a regular oven and bake them at the relatively low temperatures required for those kinds of cookers. However, they shouldn’t be used near stoves or ovens.

In What Safety Reason to Put Paper Towel in Oven?

A paper towel may undoubtedly be used in a microwave or oven without any issues. Nonetheless, it’s not a very wise move. Nothing can change the fact that paper is still paper. The material still catches fire quickly when exposed to high temperatures. Remember that trees are used to make paper, and that summer is a standard time for forest fires.

A fire may start on paper at 451, or 232.778 degrees Fahrenheit. So it’s possible that the temperature of the air inside a microwave or oven doesn’t rise to boil. The heating components, however, are a different matter.

The trees used to produce regular papers are recycled. Towels manufactured from paper are a hybrid of tree pulp and other materials. For instance, sure, paper towels are made with a metal core. But I’m guessing you wouldn’t want it in your oven with your food.

Is it safe to put paper towels inside when the oven is set to a low temperature? Perhaps, but it doesn’t mean it’s not still hazardous. In some cases, yes, paper towels like those are OK to use in the oven. So you indeed have an alternative, considerably less risky choice.

Why You Need to Put Paper Towel in the Oven 

Strangely, I feel like this relates to cooking in some way. As an illustration, if you want to bake or air-fry some meat, you may find that your kitchen becomes greasy. A paper towel comes in handy when you need to remove oil.

However, you still have access to safer alternatives. For example, if you want to eat your bacon or beef sausage without covering it with paper towels, do so on a plate. There must be a layer of paper towels beneath the plate.

In no circumstances should this be done before putting the meat in the oven or microwave to cook? Instead, put the heart on that platter lined with paper towels once you take it out. Of course, paper towels should be used to protect hands from burns when handling hot food.

Can Paper Towel Go in the Oven

However, whether or not paper towels can go inside the oven is not the issue here. Most importantly, you want to know if it is secure to proceed.

A simple explanation is for this one. Tossing paper towels into a hot oven is not a good idea at all. When placed in a hot oven, paper ignites readily and poses a significant fire risk.

450 degrees Fahrenheit is the point at which paper will ignite and burn. It is not the only factor, though. One reason is that the oven’s heating components can get very hot indeed, even if the air within the oven never reaches that temperature.

To add insult to injury, many paper towel brands are now manufactured using recycled materials that may include metal or other substances you wouldn’t want to find their way into your meals.

There are much safer options for using a paper towel, even though specific recipes ask for its usage at low temperatures (which, at such temperatures, shouldn’t be a problem). So next, let’s analyze a handful of these.

Do Paper Towels Burn Up in the Oven?

We could ponder, “May paper towels cause a fire in the oven?” while we’re there.?” Although designed to withstand temperatures within the range of conventional ovens, paper towels should be avoided due to uncontrollable variables such as dry air or the food’s inherent heat.

In other words, that’s the correct response. However, using paper towels in the oven is dangerous because of the fire risk.

These characteristics make them flammable and combustible, which not only messes up the meal being made but also poses a fire risk. Thus, it is strongly recommended that you refrain from doing so.

What Does the Temperature You Should Apply in the Oven 

Towels made of paper can catch fire at temperatures of about 451. Despite this, it probably won’t light at room temperature anymore. Don’t forget about it while the oven is on.

Because paper towels prevent grease from sticking to the oven, they are required in several recipes. However, the hazards associated with paper towels are too significant. Therefore it’s preferable to find another method of cleaning up spills.

Paper towels are a fire risk due to their flammable qualities and can start a fire anytime. Therefore, it’s suggested that you look for different options.

What can you put in the oven rather than paper towels?

To wipe things off in the oven, paper towels won’t work, but there are other options. Parchment paper and aluminum foil are superior alternatives to paper towels.

Scroll paper

Oven use of parchment paper is both secure and prosperous. As a result, you use it frequently during baking and align it with your baking tray.

Despite parchment paper’s lack of absorbency compared to paper towels, it may help keep your oven clean by keeping oil out.

Foil, aluminum

The best material to use to avoid oven spatter is aluminum foil. Aluminum foil can resist high temperatures in the oven and is excellent for catching grease. However, when doing so, ensure the item in question does not touch the heater.

Can You Put Wet Towel in the Oven

Can Paper Towel Go In The Oven

No, I still don’t think using moist paper towels in the oven is a good idea. A damp paper towel won’t catch fire as quickly in the range, but it may be dried out in no time. So the likelihood of them drying out and catching fire in a short amount of time is very high.

As a general rule, then, paper towels should never be heated inside the oven. But don’t take the chance; you may quickly destroy your kitchen in the process!

What’re the Benefits of Using Towel in the Oven 

Retaining the vegetables for Survival 

Even in cold storage, many veggies eventually go wrong. Adding a damp paper towel to the bag your greens are stored in, or wrapping the entire bunch in paper towels, will help them last longer. Particularly useful for greens like cabbage, lettuce, kale, etc. These paper towels trap moisture and preserve the humidity at an optimal level to prevent the greens from becoming soggy and rotting.

Joy to the ‘Loaf-ers!

Even if bread is frozen, it won’t keep its texture or prevent mold growth if left out for too long. Adding a paper towel to the bag (or wrapping the whole thing if feasible) before freezing will help. This removes excess moisture from the bread, extending its shelf life.

Please use less grease

As their name implies, this is why paper towels exist. Because of their porous nature, they are ideal for removing oil and grease from hands, cooking utensils, tables, countertops, and other kitchen surfaces.

You may use them in place of napkins to dry dishes, to quickly clean up after the kids, or to tuck inside your shirt or blouse collar to catch any dripping oil that could occur during a meal.

Stethoscopes, Like Seeds, Need to Be Planted

Did you know that you may use paper towels to determine whether or not seeds will grow? It’s a time-tested method for farmers to assess the viability of seeds without having to set up a nursery.

Just put the seeds in a warm, dark area between two wet paper towels for about two weeks. At that point, the roots are likely dead.

The pans shouldn’t be scratched

Cast iron pans are costly and must be cleaned with extra caution to prevent the coating from wearing off. Bristly sponges may rapidly and easily scrape off the veneer and deface the surface.

As a result, paper towels may be used to quickly and easily remove grease and leftover food after each usage. Keep them from rusting by laying them out between layers of paper towels while they are not in use. If you must wash them, the surface varnish can be protected by wiping them down with an oil-soaked paper towel after they have dried.


Is it safe to put paper in the oven?

Parchment paper is ideal for baking treats like cookies and cakes, whereas waxed paper should never go near an oven. You can safely bake anything at this temperature just once! Unlike waxed paper, this silicone-treated paper won’t adhere to food or moisture and may be used in the oven.

Is it safe to heat food on a paper towel?

Paper towels are flammable if heated for more than a few minutes. Nowadays, you can heat most rolls of paper towels in the microwave. Heating meals in two-minute increments can help prevent fires. Fire danger can be created by folding or stacking paper towels.


To sum up, paper towels are an essential item in the kitchen that can be used for various purposes (including cleaning, serving, and more) and may make your life in the kitchen much more accessible.

Yet paper towels come in a wide variety of sizes and forms, so their potential use extends far beyond the confines of the kitchen and dining area. For example, paper towels can be used in microwaves and low-temperature ovens, but they shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet; instead, they should be thrown away in trash cans.