How Can You Cook Pearl Couscous in a Rice Cooker With Easy Way

A rice cooker with an automatic timer is a better option for those who need their meal ready as soon as they walk through the door. Couscous, or semolina-based pasta, comes in various shapes and sizes, including Moroccan and Israeli pearled couscous. The rice cooker may be used to make couscous of any size. This guide will demonstrate how can you cook pearl couscous in a rice cooker.

The ancient grain couscous, which originated in North Africa, has recently gained appeal in the United States. Because a rice cooker is used, no other kitchenware, such as a pot or pan, is required to prepare a healthy side dish such as couscous in the rice cooker. If you’d like to learn more about how to make couscous in a jiffy, keep reading.

What is Pearl Couscous

Couscous is a sort of tiny, circular granules composed of wheat cornstarch. It’s a North African dish typically served with stewed goat or lamb. It can be eaten like rice, making it more and more famous in the US. When it comes to healthy eating, couscous is a terrific option because it’s fully prepared and ready to go.

Couscous is a wonderful option as a additional for rice or pasta. It’s like a thirsty sponge that sucks up all the citrus taste! Any main meal can be served with couscous as an accompaniment.

How Can You Cook Pearl Couscous In A Rice Cooker

This versatile item has become more than simply a grain on several menus in current history as chefs have experimented with it. The delicate grains are ideal for matching lighter foods like salads since they absorb flavors incredibly well without getting too heavy when put together – imagine a little sponge here, folk!

Kinds of Couscous

Couscous is generally eaten with a beef stew and created by steaming the remaining hard parts of crushed semolina that have been mixed with water and formed into little balls. Precooked and commercially produced couscous is becoming the norm, making it easier for cooks to prepare.

Certain guidelines should be followed while purchasing couscous from your local supermarket. Two or three alternatives are usually available:

  • If you’re looking for the most frequent sort of coccus, you’ll find it in this form. It is machine-made, cooked in advance, and then dried to produce food that cooks in a very short period. Seasoning packets can be purchased separately or as part of the package.
  • A serving of whole-wheat couscous has 5-6 grams of fiber, making it a healthier option than the normal wheat kind.
  • There are two types of Israeli Couscous, one named petition (pearl couscous) and the other known as a petition (pearl couscous). A circular mold is used to extrude Israeli couscous before cutting it into pearls. Then, it is burnt and dried to get its nutty and chewy flavor.

The dish is known as “pearl” because of its pearl-like appearance and coming from Israel.

It will take considerably longer than five minutes to boil traditional couscous, so plan accordingly. However, it is best prepared in a special steamer known as a “couscoussiére,” however, any steamer will suffice.

It doesn’t matter whatever route you take; we’ll walk you through the preparation of each type, so you’re not left in the dark.

Advantages of Pearl Couscous

Because of its high nutritional value, it may be used in place of both rice and pasta in recipes. Grains that are tiny enough to cook rapidly retain more nutrition than bigger ones like brown rice or quinoa. Moreover, it’s free of gluten! Brown rice and quinoa both have more fiber than couscous, although couscous is lacking in that department.

Couscous may be included in a healthy diet. According to the USDA, each cooked cup has 176 calories. Also included in this meal plan are a whopping 6 grams of protein and virtually no calories.

There are 36 grams of carbs in one cup of couscous, with 2 grams of fiber. According to the Cleveland Clinic, increasing your fiber intake is a good thing since it keeps your digestive system going and lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Traces of calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, and selenium may be found in couscous. Some B vitamins, notable folate, are also present at small levels. In addition, Couscous is a good source of iron, providing 0.6 milligrams per cup cooked.

How can You Cook Pearl Couscous in a Rice Cooker

Rice cookers make fluffy couscous a breeze. The greatest thing is that it’s ready to eat in under 10 minutes.

To prepare couscous in a rice cooker, you will need 1 cup of couscous and water. However, This quantity yields 2 cups of coffee. Flavor can be enhanced with a few teaspoons of butter or oil and a sprinkle of salt.

In a large bowl, combine all of the components for the rice and whisk until smooth. Transfer to the rice cooker using a spoon.Close the lid and begin the normal rice-cooking process. Let the couscous steam for 5 minutes after the machine turns to “keep warm” mode. Once the rice cooker is opened, the couscous should be fluffed using a fork or spoon. Serve immediately or keep it warm for up to an hour.

Couscous may be made in the rice cooker into a pilaf-style dish by browning some chopped onion and almond slices in olive oil in the bowl. Adding sliced prunes or raisins, couscous, and broth is all that is needed.

On “keep warm” for 5 minutes, Boston University’s Free Choice Nutrition Center recommends covering the pot, cooking on the standard cycle, and allowing the food to steam rather than boil. Serve the pilaf with roasted veggies or grilled meats.

Cooking larger Israeli couscous the very same way as Moroccan couscous is possible. A few minutes of “toasting” with melted butter or oil before water is added may enhance the flavor of your pearls in the pressure cooker.


How Long Does Couscous Take in a Rice Cooker?

Using your rice cooker’s standard setting, you can easily prepare couscous.Five minutes in the oven and then another five or so on the “keep warm” option should do the trick.

What is the Water to Pearl Couscous Ratio?

Approximately 1 1/4 cups of water or vegetable broth is needed for each cup of dry grain to make Israeli or pearl couscous. Ten minutes on the burner, covered, is all that is needed to cook the grains. When finished cooking, the grains puff up somewhat and, like wheat, have a more “al crunchy” tongue feel.

Can I Make Israeli Couscous in a Rice Cooker?

In the rice cooker bowl, add olive oil and shallots. Set the rice cooker to “on.” Be sure to give the mixture several good stirs to help soften the onions.. Sauté briefly until oil is well-coated on the couscous before serving.


As explained in this short instruction, it is possible to prepare couscous in a rice cooker. However, there are several factors to consider. The nutritional value of the couscous cooked in the rice cooker and the ways of preparation have also been explored.

You’ll have no issue making your couscous at home with this recipe! Toppings, veggies, and other ingredients may be added to your couscous to create a delicious meal.