How Can You Use an Air Fryer as a Microwave

Why do so many people use air fryers? A lot of people ask this query. No, the new air fryer does not function in the same way as a conventional microwave oven? Or can you use an air fryer as a microwave? To conserve room on their kitchen counters, many individuals are considering getting rid of their microwave in favour of an air fryer.

Reheating TV meals in the microwave is something that some people do. These TV meals and other microwave foods are particularly intended for use in a microwave. In the meantime, I’d like to point out that the convection microwave and microwave air fryer combo is a new phenomenon in the kitchen. My personal favourites are the subjects of whole articles… If you cook a lot by air-frying and microwaving, this can be a good option.

In this essay, the differences in cooking methods between a microwave oven and an air fryer will be explored in detail. Whether or not an air fryer can accomplish what a microwave does well enough to substitute it will be the subject of discussion in this article.

What Is the Function of an Air Fryer

What an air fryer accomplishes is precisely what its name suggests. With the use of extremely hot air, it may be used to cook or heat food. An air fryer’s heating element generates the hot air that’s blown out of the appliance’s lid. A fan then blows this hot air all over the frying chamber of the air fryer to keep it evenly distributed. This method of producing hot air is comparable to that of a hair drier or a space heater.

It is comparable to a convection oven in that an air fryer has a smaller capacity, so the cooking periods are typically shorter when using an air fryer. The convection impact on the meal is nearly condensed at this smaller size.

How Does a Microwave Work

In the simplest terms, a microwave oven uses heat energy to instantly permeate food. As soon as a microwave is turned on, the food’s molecules begin to move and bounce. Your meal will heat up as these fast vibrations take place.

The fact that the microwave oven cooks or heats food from the inside out sets it apart from many other kitchen appliances that typically heat or cook food in the same manner. Fast meal preparation is another benefit of this appliance.

What Kind of Food Does Each Produce

Cooking in the microwave is a bit quicker than using other methods in the kitchen. When it comes to cooking meals quickly, the microwave has become a popular appliance in many homes. The meal will be heated, but it won’t have a crispy texture as a result of this method of cooking.

In an air fryer, you cook food by applying hot air to its outside. As a result, the food will be prepared in a crispier manner. Cooking meals with a lot of texture and flavour is ideal with this appliance. I’m thinking largely of fried foods like french fries and chicken wings, as well as food that demands a crispy exterior, like rotisserie chicken.

You used an air fryer to bake a cake, but I also used it to broil food. Using the microwave for baking and grilling isn’t really an option, in my opinion.

As a result, air-frying is now a far more adaptable choice.

The drying impact of hot air might be a drawback of the air fryer If you need help resolving this issue, go HERE for more information. Air fryer baskets, on the other hand, are a bit more constrained than microwave cooking compartments.

Can You Use An Air Fryer As A Microwave 1

Can You Use an Air Fryer as a Microwave

Microwaves and air fryers are two separate technologies. This means that the items that can be reheated in an air fryer, like a microwave, are restricted.

Some items, as previously noted, should not be cooked in an air fryer. They may cause a commotion or even catch fire.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using an air fryer or not, you’re going to need some instruction on how to reheat things. Look at ways to get things done now and then! Here’s how you can microwave food in your fryer:

  • Prior to reheating, make sure the food has been defrosted.
  • Turn on your air fryer and begin preheating it. Let it warm up for five minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Put the food in the air fryer basket and press the start button. Consider the amount of space it needs to thrive. Therefore, avoid stuffing the basket to the brim with food.
  • Return the food to the air fryer once you’ve placed it in the basket.
  • To the temperature setting on your oven, add 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Wait three minutes before serving.
  • Check on the meal after three minutes. If it isn’t ready, keep heating it for one to two minutes at a time until it is.
  • Once you’ve obtained the desired outcomes with the food in the air fryer basket, remove it and throw it away.

What are your settings and timing like

As a general rule, you should aim for a temperature range of 3500F or 1750C.

When utilising an air fryer as a microwave, it is impossible to offer an accurate cooking time because of the variety in thickness and size of the food items.

Reheating pizza at a temperature of 3500F or 1750C may be used to reheat pizza, which should take no more than two to three minutes. It will be crunchy and you’ll like it. One of the advantages of air fryer use over microwave use is that the food does not become mushy when reheated.

Do Microwaves and Air Fryers Produce the Same Effects

Preliminary research should be done to determine whether an air fryer is better than a microwave before making the switch.

When compared to a microwave, an air fryer does not appear to be superior or worse in terms of performance. Both are kitchen gadgets, but they each have a unique set of qualities that make them helpful in different ways.

In this case, a traditional air fryer cannot be used to heat liquids or TV meals in the microwave.

Consider these additional factors before making a decision on which equipment is best for your culinary needs.

Differences in Taste

As previously mentioned, the amount of time required to prepare each dish varies. Cooking in a microwave takes only a few minutes because of its incredibly rapid cooking speed and efficiency.

The method used in the microwave for preparation makes it prepare or heat food more quickly than other methods in the kitchen. As a result, it’s become a very useful kitchen gadget for quickly reheating meals in a variety of different settings. This may lead to a decrease in the meal’s taste and quality, though.

Preparing with an air fryer, on the other hand, ensures a flawless meal, but it takes longer.

Texture Variation

If a crispy consistency is what you’re after while reheating food, an air fryer is your best bet for doing it.

In order to rapidly reheat leftovers or pre-made food, the majority of households use a microwave oven. Relative to your air fryer, this will just take a few minutes to prepare.

This method of cooking makes food hot, but it doesn’t give it any sort of crispy texture. An air fryer, on the other hand, is a better option than a microwave oven if the majority of your microwave cooking comprises meals that require crispiness.

When you consider the way an air fryer cooks, you may say that it just blows hot air over the food. Cooking the food in this manner results in a crispier, more flavorful end result. This is ideal for meals like chicken wings and other fried delicacies.

Differences in the Content of the Nutrients

Cooking food in an air fryer does not necessitate the use of oil. This cooking procedure preserves all of the nutrients in the food at the same time. In contrast, using a microwave to heat food generally results in the loss of important nutrients during the preparation of food.

As a result of the intense heat applied to the food during microwave cooking, a number of pathogens present in the food are killed effectively within minutes.


Can You Use an Air Fryer to Reheat Food?

Reheating food in an air fryer is an option if you have one.It’s so much better than using the microwave, and it takes no more than a few minutes Reheating leftovers in an air fryer prevents blandness and sogginess.

Is Air Frying the Same as a Microwave?

Food may be heated and reheated in microwaves but not in air fryers, which modify the method in which food is cooked. Heating or cooking food requires the use of a microwave oven. The air fryer is a good option if you want to cook and receive food that is similar to what you would get from a deep fryer.

Can I Put Aluminium Foil in an Air Fryer?

Fortunately, the answer is a straightforward yes. Air fryers accept aluminium foil as a liner. However, a lot will depend on the kind of air fryer you have and the meal you’re cooking with it. Consult your air fryer’s owner’s handbook for detailed instructions before using aluminium foil in your air fryer.


Finally, if you’re considering purchasing a kitchen appliance, we suggest that you weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each model. Additionally, remembering what you’re aiming for is essential.