How Does Compact Air Fryer Dash Work To Make Quick Meal

It’s no surprise that air fryers have become commonplace in the kitchen. As an alternative to traditional deep fryers, they’re more adaptable, faster, and simpler to use in the kitchen. With so many options, it may be difficult to select the best one for your needs.. Here we’ll discuss the compact air fryer. How does Compact Air Fryer Dash work?

Aiming for “picky eaters, big families, or those with a heavy workload,” we tested the Dash Compact Air Fryer and saw if it could suit everyone. We’ve got all the specifics on the fryer’s design and functionality right here.

What is Compact Air Fryer Dash

The Dash air fryer employs circulation heating to pump hot air over food, simulating frying results in an economical countertop gadget. In addition, it’s possible to prepare good eating habits with an air fryer because it doesn’t need more oil.

The Dash air fryer’s compact and tidy design made it ideal for people who don’t have a lot of counter room to work with. The 2.6-quart size appliance offers an analogue interface for temperature setting and cooking method, which we found to be as simple as a toaster oven. The 7.2-pound, 1,000-watt gadget comes in various colours and patterns, including grey, aqua, teal, black, red, and white.

Compact Air Fryer Dash

Compact Air Fryer Dash Design 

The Dash Compact Air Fryer has a lovely look thanks to its cylindrical form and shiny finish.

The baskets handle the air fryer’s front like all other air fryers. The timer and temperature are controlled by two knobs on the appliance’s control panel. The dial governs the temperature on top. A coffee maker’s worth of counter space is taken up by this device, which is just 8.3 by 9.3 by 12.5″ tall.

What is the Basic Feature of Compact Air Fryer Dash

The Dash has you prepared when it comes to the easiness of use. However, it’s not the air fryer you’re looking for if you’re looking for additional features. Cooking time and temperature are the only two controls on the Dash. In the absence of pre-programmed settings (many bigger air fryers feature presets for typical foods like french fries, meat, and fish), you must use different techniques to figure out the best method to cook your food.

To prevent reheating, the Dash has an auto-shut-off feature built-in. This might be a useful addition if you’re doing numerous things at once while preparing dinner. Even during cooking, we found that the container remained cold to the touch, as it was intended to. You don’t have to wait for the machine to cool down before putting it away since it doesn’t warm up.

How Does Compact Air Fryer Dash Work

The two knobs for time and temperature cannot be more straightforward. However, it’s difficult to configure them to their exact specifications, and they’re not digital. 320, 250, and 170 degrees Fahrenheit are the other temperature options; however, 400 degrees Fahrenheit is the most usually used option, and there is no 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The basket may be easily removed from the device and replaced with a tiny detachable rack where food is placed.

We cooked up a batch of frozen French fries in the air fryer as a starting point. We followed the instructions in the booklet and adjusted the thermal cycling to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and the timing dial to 3 minutes to speed up the cooking process. After the timer had come off, we added the fries and adjusted the clock to 10 minutes. 

There are no presets on the Dash, but the user handbook provides a list of typical foods like fries, steak, hamburgers, and chicken nugget recipes, so we were able to follow the directions and cook our fries for between nine and sixteen minutes. 

A typical air fryer takes 15 minutes to cook a batch of French fries, so we pulled them out after that amount of time. However, our disappointment was compounded by some fries being quite crunchy while others were yet hot but mushy.

How to clean Compact Air Fryer Dash 

It’s a pleasure to clean this air fryer. I’ve had air fryers that were more work to clean than they were to use in the previous. Difficult-to-clean equipment is something no one likes. With this version, you won’t have to worry about that.

Warm water and dishwashing soap should wash the basket and its inside basket.

Allow for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes to pass.

Wipe off the surface with a soft rag to remove any remaining residue.

Clean the outside of your air fryer.


Can you Open the Dash Air Fryer While Cooking?

The first thing you need to know is that you should flip your dish over halfway during cooking to get the greatest results. Then, add additional oil to your plate if it isn’t browning as nicely as you’d want. The fryer may also be opened at any moment to verify the crispiness of your items.

How Do you Heat a Dash Air Fryer?

To speed up the cooking process, Dash recommends preheating your appliance, so we followed the instructions in the handbook and set the thermal cycling to 400 ° and the timing dial to 3 minutes. We put in our fries a few minutes later and turned the timer set to 10 minutes, and voila.

How Do you Turn on a Compact Air Fryer Dashboard?

The crisper drawer should be removed and shaken gently from one side to the other. Next, remove the Crisper Drawer from the Air Fryer and place it back in. It’s as simple as setting the timer, and the Air Fryer will come on instantly. Automatic activation of the heating lamp is ensured.


As far as the Dash Compact Air Fryer can be distinguished, we believe its compact design is the only real plus. It’s perfect for a little apartment or RV kitchenette, so look no further than this air fryer. But if you have a bit more space and can manage a larger one, you’re better off heading to something different.