How Long Can You Keep Rice in a Rice Cooker- A complete Guide

As a result of its low-fat content and high carbohydrate content, rice is one of the most refined meals that you may consume, you can prepare perfectly fluffy rice without having to be there.

As a bonus, rice cookers offer a “stay warm” feature that many find convenient. Preserve your rice ready for the next dinner by preventing overcooking. That’s why we will discuss how long can you keep rice in a rice cooker.

I’ll go into greater detail on the rice cooker function, along with the safe amount of time you may leave the cooked rice in the cooker and the probable consequences if you extend that period. Learn how to store cooked rice in this article correctly.

Using the ‘Warm’ Setting on the Cooker, How Long Can Rice Be Kept Warm

A cooked batch of rice may be kept warm in a rice cooker for up to a few hours by pressing the keep heat button. No longer than a few hours is recommended by our team. Bacteria in the air will start to contaminate rice as soon as it cools from its cook time, making it unsafe for consumption.

If you think about it, a warm, damp rice cooker is an ideal breeding place for harmful germs. In addition to being dangerous, rice that is left in the cooker for too long can also begin to dry up, resulting in an unpleasant eating experience!! Natural sugars will have been removed, making the food taste blander than usual.

But if you’ve kept your rice overnight in an area with a warm ambient temperature, we highly suggest discarding all of it and making a new batch of rice for your next meal.

How Long Can You Keep Rice in a Rice Cooker?

Rice cookers typically take about 20 minutes to cook. However, the cooking time varies according to the type of rice, the power mode, and the quantity of rice you’re preparing.

When the gadget has finished cooking, it will go into keep-warm mode until you turn it off manually.

Even if the spores are still active, your rice is safe to eat at this stage. Spore tends to burst open and ruin rice when it sits in the fridge for an extended time.

Waiting more than an hour before eating rice that has been stored at room temperature is a no-no. When you discover that your rice has become yellow, squishy, and crumbly after that, you know it isn’t gone well.

However, you may leave it in the rice cooker for a longer period than that.

To summarize, cooking the rice for an additional two hours poses no risk. Eaten after sitting at room temperature for 2 hours, cooked rice can be dangerous.

It’s perfectly okay to put the rice in the rice cooker for a few hours, but you should only keep it there for ten to twelve hours.

However, if the keep-warm feature preserves the rice at a temperature of more than 140 ℉, it is safe to leave it for that long. If your rice cooker can’t keep up with the high temperature, you can lower the cooking time to no more than eight hours.

How Long Can You Keep Rice In A Rice Cooker

How Many Hours You Can Keep Rice in Rice Cooker

To prevent overcooking, the rice cooker has an auto-warm feature.

In this case, after having enough rice, we plan to keep some of it in the cooker and eat it at another time. There are a few things to keep in mind, however:

Germs can harm people who consume rice that has been sitting out for longer than a day. Only 11 to 12 hours can the rice be kept heated, and you can’t extend it beyond that.

When left alone for a few hours, the rice will dry up and form clumps.

At this point, the rice will turn yellow and get infested with germs.

This will no longer taste sweet as the sugar level gradually decreases over time.

Can You Leave Rice in a Rice Cooker Overnight?

It’s technically possible to leave rice in the rice cooker overnight, but it’s not advised. Leaving it out for an extended period, such as a night, can cause the color to alter and the flavor to diminish. This is a sure indicator that germs are beginning to develop.

The simplest method to tell if the rice is safe to eat is to eat a tiny amount of it yourself. Don’t risk it if the flavor isn’t right. It should be disposed of right away.

Is it Dangerous to Leave the Rice Cooker Too Long? 

Cooking rice with a rice cooker is a relatively hands-off process as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Water levels should be adjusted according to the rice variety. The appliance often includes instructions on how to prepare various types of rice in a rice cooker. If you follow the directions, you may let a stove to perform its work without monitoring it.

Even the keep-warm feature is subject to this rule. Not even being physically present is required.

When the wiring or the installation of a rice cooker is faulty, the appliance might suddenly cease working.. However, these appliances often have safety systems to prevent them from catching fire or causing other harm.

Bacteria Found in Rice

There may be spores of bacteria lying latent in uncooked or undercooked rice. The bacteria is known to induce food poisoning symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea..

Soil-dwelling bacteria can be found in uncooked foods. This bacterium may also infect potatoes, beans, peas, and rice.

One study found that about 37% of restaurant rice contained these germs. However, this is only relevant to eateries that reheat the rice before serving it to customers.

Unfortunately, there is no way to identify if the rice has Bacillus cereus based on its appearance, odor, or flavour. Therefore, the only method to avoid becoming sick from eating rice is to prepare, serve, and store it properly.

Do Bacteria Get Killed When Rice Is Cooked?

Bacillus cereus may be eliminated from rice by boiling or heating it in a rice cooker. On occasion, though, spores might remain viable even after being cooked. But if you consume the rice just after it’s cooked, the spores won’t have time to grow, and you won’t become sick.

Moreover, while shopping for white rice, it’s essential to buy from well-known brands for the most delicate flavor and health benefits. If you prefer Indian food, you may also try other sorts, such as the tasty Basmati rice products that are a hallmark of India.

Is it safe to consume reheated rice?

Any remaining rice should be thrown away; it is unsuitable for consumption. Spoilage bacteria can withstand high temperatures. It will still be there when you reheat the rice.

Therefore, it is not recommended to leave the rice in the rice cooker for an excessive amount of time or to reheat it before eating.

Refrigerating cooked rice once it has cooled is the best way to keep it fresh until it can be used again. Put it in a sealed container like a jar or a ziplock bag and place it in the fridge.. You may reheat the rice you’ve kept by steaming it again.


How Long Can Rice Be Kept Warm in a Rice Cooker?

Only 11 to 12 hours can the rice be kept heated, and it can’t go much longer. For a few hours, though, the rice will begin to dry out. After around 11 to 12 hours, the rice will turn yellow and get infested with germs.

Is It Safe to Keep Rice Warm in a Rice Cooker?

Yes, in the sense that it’s a matter of semantics. Depending on the rice cooker model, the rice can either be turned off or put into “Keep Warm” mode. Short circuits or fires are relatively rare at this stage of the project. “As long as it’s kept refrigerated, it may store cooked rice indefinitely.

Is It Safe to Leave a Rice Cooker on All Day?

Yeah. Since the rice is done cooking, you may keep your rice cooker on, and it will either shut off or keep the temperature at a comfortable level for you. However, the flavor of your rice may degrade if you keep it in the rice cooker for too much.


You may save time & expense by purchasing a rice cooker, one of the most excellent kitchen equipment. How do you prepare rice in the midst of preparing dinner? For how long may rice be left in a rice cooker? To keep the rice separate, you can keep it in for up to five hours if you so like.