How to Clean an Air Fryer, Cleansing Tips According to Experts

Using an air fryer is one of the best ways to cook meals quickly and without a lot of oil. Without the use of additional oil, you can get perfectly al dente fish sticks or chicken wings and your leftovers will be just as tasty as the day they were first prepared! Every time an air fryer is used, it must be cleaned. In that condition, how to clean an air fryer?

You can still smell and even start to smoke from your air fryer even if you only use minimal or no extra oil. You can clean your basket-style air fryer or tray air fryer with these methods from the Good Housekeeping Institute:

How Often Do You Need to Clean an Air Fryer?                    

Cleaning the air fryer after each use is critical in preventing food and muck buildup. Some areas, however, can be cleaned just once in a while without causing any harm.

An expert advises that if you use an air fryer frequently, you should clean the basket, tray, and pan on a regular basis. Air fryer parts can either be hand-washed or put in the dishwasher, depending on the brand. After each use, it’s a good idea to wipe off the interior with a damp cloth.

According to an expert, air fryers don’t require as much oil to operate as traditional deep fryers, so the appliance’s exterior doesn’t need to be cleaned nearly as frequently as its interior. Make sure to clean the outside of your air fryer after each use.

What to Avoid Doing When Cleaning an Air Fryer

Never use tools to scrape stuck-on food from your air fryer during cleaning. For this reason, the nonstick coating on your air fryer should be treated with extreme caution, according to Bailey Carson, Handy’s cleaning department manager. Steel wool, metal scrubbers, and abrasive sponges all fall under this category.

Air fryers shouldn’t be cleaned using disinfectants, as disinfectants are not normally safe for food-contact surfaces. In order to ensure that your air fryer is free of bacteria, Hutchings recommends checking the product label to see if it’s safe for food contact surfaces. According to the EPA guidelines, it is permitted to use chlorine, iodine, and quaternary ammonium as disinfectants.

When cleaning your air fryer, Hutchings suggests reading the manual of the device to determine if the basket, platter, and pot  are dishwasher-safe..

You should also ensure your air fryer is disconnected before wiping it off and avoid soaking the main unit in water, so as not to shock yourself or short-circuit the appliance.

Air Fryer Cleansing Frequency

No doubt, the air fryer provides less oily food,( french fries. chicken wings,pizza rolls). which is the way to avoid extra fat. With continuous use, the air fryer will be oiled. And when you cook something, they give off a bad smell. which are not good for your health. If you want low-fat and healthy food, just maintain your air fryer cleansing frequency that we’ll provide you below!

What Things to Wash After Every Use

When it comes to cleaning the basket, tray, and pot, you can use soap and hot water. You can also put them in the dishwasher if you don’t want to wash them by hand (and we understand if you don’t). Check your air fryer’s instruction booklet to see if it has dishwasher-safe parts before using them. Before putting the air fryer back together, make sure all of the parts are thoroughly dry.

For baked-on oil, soak the basket or pot for 20 to 30 minutes in soap and warm water. Using a scrub brush, remove the now-softened muck from the surface.

In order to clean the inside of the air fryer, remove the trays, baskets, and pans, if necessary. Simply use a sponge or a damp towel to wipe off the entire interior with a small amount of dish soap.

What Should I Wash Occasionally?

Using an air fryer reduces the amount of time you have to spend cleaning the appliance’s exterior because there is very little oil involved. Wipe off the device’s exterior with a moist cloth after every few usage. Please unplug the device before you begin.

Also inspect the coil. In order to remove any oil or residue from the heating coil, unplug the appliance, then clean the coil with a damp cloth, much like you would with the heat source on an electric stove.

Deep Cleaning

Your air fryer is likely to smell bad if you find food particles stuck in or on it. Make a paste out of baking soda and water.. ‘ You may then use a scrub brush or an ordinary toothbrush to clean the inside of the air fryer. ‘

Metal tools should never be used to clean out the fryer of crumbs or grease that have been baked on. The non-stick coating of your fryer can be damaged, preventing it from performing correctly.

Air fryer cleaning isn’t difficult, but it’s crucial to take care of your device and extend its lifespan. Having learned how to do it, you can now do it yourself.

How To Clean An Air Fryer 1

How to Clean an Air Fryer-Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Gather the required tools and supplies before you begin cleaning your air fryer.

  • Sponge with no sharp edges
  • Microfiber towels
  • Using a soft-bristled brush
  • Towels made of paper
  • Dish soap
  • Baking Soda

Step 2

You should wait at least 30 minutes before using your air fryer again.Remove all of the appliance’s replaceable pieces once it has cooled down (basket, tray, and pan).

Step 3:

Rinse the pieces that can be removed with soapy water. It’s best to soak the pieces in warm soapy water for 10 to 15 minutes to remove baked-on fat or burnt food before using a nonabrasive sponge to scrub. If they’re dishwasher-safe, just throw them in there and go.

For sticky food residue or hard-to-clean portions of the fryer, you can form a paste of baking soda and water. A soft-bristle brush can be used to “scrub the paste onto the debris and then wipe clean,”

Step 4

Use a moist soft cloth or nonabrasive sponge dipped in dish soap to clean the inside of your air fryer. Then use a moist towel to remove any soap residue.

Step 5:

You may clean your air fryer’s heat source with a moist cloth or nonabrasive sponge if you turn it over.

Step 6

Use a sponge or rag with dish soap to clean the exterior of the vehicle, just like the interior. After cleaning the surface with a clean, moist cloth, buff it with a paper towel to eliminate soap residue..

Step 7:

Ensure your air fryer is completely dry before using it for the first time. Assemble the removable sections into the main unit, and you’re done! When your air fryer is ready, it’s time to start cooking.


How do you clean the inside of an air fryer?

Use a hot, soapy towel to wipe down the interior of the air fryer. It is still necessary to remove the basket and drawer. Wipe off the heating element with a damp cloth to remove any grease or food residue. If food is adhered to the brush, you can use a soft brush, but not a steel wire, according to certain producers.

How do you get baked-on grease out of an air fryer?

Use a moist towel or sponge to wash clean the heating element of the device while it is on its side. Use baking soda and water to produce a paste to remove any baked-on or hard residue from the main appliance. Use a smooth scrub brush to agitate the paste into the residue and then wash it away with a clean cloth.

How do you clean a disgusting air fryer?

Simply Green All-Purpose Cleaner can be mixed with 1 cup of water in an unfilled spray bottle and then sprayed on surfaces to remove dirt and grime. Spray it on a moist sponge or cloth, and then wipe off the outside of the machine with the damp sponge or cloth. The air fryer’s interior should be wiped down to remove any residue.


When it comes to cleaning your air fryer, it’s a lot easier if you do it on a regular basis, making it both more sanitary and easier to operate. In the long run, if you neglect to thoroughly clean it, it may require some effort on your part.