How to Clean Grease from Air Fryer Basket- The Expert Guideline

It couldn’t be much easier to keep your air fryer clean. However, the number of people who do so regularly is woefully inadequate. As a result, the air fryer smells less than ideal, and the flavour of your meal is likely to be affected as a result. How to clean grease from air fryer basket. No doubt that you will enjoy the end product!

Putting the detachable components in the dishwasher won’t do the trick. A few weeks ago, I published a blog entry about this topic.

Ultimately, a dishwasher’s corrosive effects will damage your air fryer parts. So use your dishwasher instead of your air fryer if you’re not too concerned about it getting damaged. If this is a problem for you, I recommend using the following procedure.

Don’t Do These When Cleaning an Air Fryer.

Don’t use cutlery to remove food from your air fryer when cleaning it since this might damage the appliance. It’s simple to damage and wear away the nonstick layer of your air fryer, says Bailey Carson, the head of cleaning at Handy. Steel wool, metal washers, and abrasive towels fall under this category.

Do not use pesticide to clean your air fryer whilst it is in use. Surfaces in direct touch with food should not be cleaned with disinfectants.. When it comes to keeping your air fryer free of germs, Hutchings advises that you check the label to ensure the sanitising solution has been certified for use on food-contact surfaces. A few permitted sanitisers such as chlorine, iodine, and ammonium tetra.

Air fryers may be sterilised using the hot water and high heat of a dishwasher; however, Hutchings cautions that you should verify your air fryer’s handbook to ensure your basket, tray, and pan are easy to clean before doing so.

Remember that you’ll need to remove the power cord from your air fryer before cleaning it, so you won’t get electrocuted or short-circuit the appliance.

How To Clean Grease From Air Fryer Basket

How Frequently Should I Clean My Air Fryer?

Finally, you should always strive to make it cleaner. Unfortunately, this appears to be more of a hassle than it is.

With an air fryer, you know that you create very little fat when you’re making food. As a result, wiping and rinsing the basket should be adequate cleanup.

This is causing the grease to dry out and harden. Because of this, cleaning will be considerably more difficult. The more layers of accumulation you have on your skin make matters worse.

How to Clean Air Fryer 

It’s important to make sure the device is disconnected from its power source before removing the basket from the main system. In order to clean the entire machine with paper towels, it must be cold..

Clean the whole device with a moist cloth to remove as much oil as possible. This is when a sponge and hot water come in handy.. The sponge may also be used to clean the heating element. Again, don’t use abrasive materials, such as steel wool.

Use a sponge dipped in bicarbonate of soda to scrub the tray if food remains after wiping it clean. A bristle brush can be used to assist remove the food off the surface. The air fryer basket may be used similarly to the skillet.

If the basket isn’t cleaning as well as you’d like, put it in a hot water sink and let it soak. Let it soak until the fat and food caked onto it are broken down.

Before putting anything back in, make sure it has been air-dried. The air fryer you’re about to use should be sparkling clean.

How to Clean Grease from Air Fryer Basket

There are many approaches to cleaning that are known to the public. However, it’s one of the most frequently cited when it comes to vinegar. The oily object is immersed and allowed to soak in a solution of hot water and vinegar. An efficient method for breaking down grease may be found here.

However, some have gone much further. For example, power washers have been used to clean pots and pans. The pressure washer’s force may effectively break down grease.

Some more options include degreasers and cleansers for the BBQ. A chemical solution is included in one particular oven cleaning agent that is then packed in an airtight container. This is a great way to clean ovens and air fryers, and it works just as well.

Advantages of the Clean Grease from Air Fryer Basket 

There is a huge advantage to the flavour of what you’re eating. When you use an air fryer that’s unclean and full of grease, this stuff gets hot. As a result, the meal you’re preparing will taste bitter and have an off-putting smell.

Keeping your air fryer clean improves its performance. As a consequence, your meals provide greater outcomes while costing less.

Cleaning Tips 

To remove baked-on fat, run the basket or pan under hot water for 20 to 30 minutes while it is soap-soaked. Clean off any remaining filth with a scrub brush when it has softened.

A foul stench emanating from your air fryer indicates the presence of food particles within or on it. To begin, combine baking soda and water to form a paste. After that, use a wet wipe or an old toothbrush to thoroughly clean the air fryer’s interior.

Metal utensils should never be used to clean out the fryer of crumbs or fat baked on. Your fryer’s nonstick coating might be damaged, preventing it from performing correctly.

When time is an issue, an air fryer is an excellent choice.


How Do You Clean the Basket Residue on an Air Fryer?

Magic Chef Air fryer manufacturer NewAir suggests rinsing the basket of goods and services and drawers in water and soap for 30 minutes before washing again. If the odour continues, massage the basket and cabinet with half a lemon and leave for 30 minutes before flying again.

How Do You Get Grease out of an Air Fryer?

Before shutting off and disconnecting the air fryer, be sure it has completely cooled down. After removing the racks, you can clean them in the dishwasher or by hand with a dish brush and warm soapy water to extract oil and food particles. Rinse well and dry thoroughly. Do not flush any oil from the drip tray into the drain.

How Do I Get Baked-On Grease off My Air Fryer Tray?

Any portions that may be washed should have hot water and Simple Green in the sink mixed if they have grease baked on. Soak for ten minutes and you’re done. Then use a scrub brush to remove the softened particles and rinse clean. Ensure that the surface is entirely dry.


There are a lot of misconceptions about how to clean an air fryer. First, you should always check your user manual before placing the baskets in the dishwasher, but in general, air fryer baskets may go in the dishwasher without incident.

This finishes my article on removing baked-on fat from an air fryer. I hope you found it helpful. There are no complicated steps involved, as you can see above, and the result should be a delicious meal that smells wonderful.