How to Cook Air Fryer Bacon: The Easiest and Fastest Way

The Air Fryer is the most efficient cooking appliance in the world today. Air Fryer Bacon is one of the simplest dishes to prepare. For those of you who have never cooked bacon in an air fryer, here is a step-by-step guide for how to cook air fryer bacon:

Bacon cooked in an air fryer.Faster than preheating an oven and ideal for single servings, an air fryer can produce the crispiest bacon ever without using a lot of fat or time spent standing over a hot pan. We can get behind the fact that you can still enjoy all the wonderful aromas of bacon without putting forth a lot of work. It’s far easier to obtain lovely, curled, golden strips when you air fry your bacon rather than bake it.

No matter your level of experience with air-frying, this guide will help you make the best possible air-fried bacon.

What is Air Fryer Bacon?

If you’re looking for a way to cook food quickly and without a lot of oil, you’ll appreciate meals like Air Fryer Chicken Wings. This dish will satisfy your need for salty, crispy bacon.

How To Cook Air Fryer Bacon

Because it’s fast, clean, and doesn’t require preheating, the air fryer approach beats out other cooking methods like cooktops or ovens. Half the time it takes to cook a BLT sandwich can be saved.

Bacon’s Advantages

Most of the fat is rendered during the cooking process, so the bacon has a low caloric content. The calories in one cooked piece of bacon are around 43. The average calorie count per cooked slice of turkey bacon is 30.

There are several advantages to following a ketogenic diet. Anyone who has ever followed a keto diet knows that bacon is the best meat to consume. Bacon grease is a great source of fat and high-quality protein.

 There’s nothing like a nicely cooked slice of bacon to satisfy your bacon cravings. Why does air-fried bacon taste so good? Everything you want, without any of the hassle and clutter of typical cooking techniques.

Why Do We Cook Bacon in the Air Fryer?

  • It’s not hard to see why. The following are a few examples.
  • Your bacon will be wonderfully crispy after a few minutes of leaving the air fryer to do its work.
  • It requires less time than heating up the oven and cooking.
  • As a bonus, cleanup is a breeze. The best part is that you can simply throw it all in the dishwasher for even quicker cleanup.
  • Neither the borders nor the centres will be charred.
  • Your bacon won’t be smothered in fat since the fat seeps down to the bottom of the tray.

Which air fryer is the Finest way to Cook Bacon?

You may need more than one air fryer in order to completely test your air fryer recipes. If you don’t know your air fryer well, you may have to tweak your recipes to obtain the best results from it.

It takes up a little less counter space, serves our family of four nicely, and is the simplest to clean thanks to the air fryer basket and liner being easy to clean.

Air Fryer Toaster Oven Part takes up more space, but it is ideal for large families and can cook most foods in one sitting.If you have a certain model, it may cook more quickly. This method took eight minutes, but it took nine minutes in the basket-cooking method.

How to Cook Air Fryer Bacon

It’s a no-brainer to make air-fried bacon using this recipe!

Make sure your air fryer is preheated to 375°F before using it. You may use an air fryer to cook bacon by placing it in a thin layer in the basket. In certain cases, tearing or bending the bacon will be necessary to make it fit the basket. After that, let it simmer for 2 to 3 minutes more before serving.

Using tongs, check on the bacon and turn it if necessary. After verifying the cooking time, replace the basket in the air fryer and cook the bacon for an additional 3–4 minutes for crispy strips.(Creamy bacon will need an additional minute or two to cook.)

Using a pair of kitchen tongs, remove the bacon from the pan. Air fry the bacon in batches as necessary, due to the size of your air fryer and the quantity you intend to cook. Keep the air fryer clean between rounds and after you’re done cooking.

How Long Should You Cook Bacon in an Air Fryer?

Oven-cooked bacon is my favourite kind of bacon because it always comes out perfectly crisp. To make matters worse, you’ll have to wait for your oven to heat up before you start cooking.

As a result, I offered to send the air fryer for a try. Moreover, the air fryer is one of the most popular kitchen appliances, so why not use it?

Bacon cooked to perfection in an air fryer may be ready in only 8-10 minutes!

How Do You Keep Your Air Fryer from Smoking?

A few individuals have had trouble with this recipe’s resulting in a lot of smoke, so I’d like to provide some advice on how to avoid this.

  • A simple fix is to add some water to the bottom pan.
  • A further method is to soak up the fat in the lower pan with a piece of bread.
  • According to one reader, rock salt (not normal salt) that you use to create ice cream, according to another, is an excellent addition. To ensure they don’t get blown about in the air fryer, these pieces are large enough to soak up the fat.
  • Your fryer basket should be lined with baking parchment. Parchment paper for the air fryer may be found in a few varieties. Tiny holes in the design allow for air to circulate as they are being fried. You should double-check your model’s measurements because they might change. Various sizes of baking parchment are readily accessible.


Why Should You Never Cook Bacon in Your Air Fryer?

It’s common for the fat to flow off while frying bacon at high temperatures in an air fryer, reducing the strips to their leanest regions and perhaps causing smoke to permeate your home.

Does Cooking Bacon in an Air Fryer Make a Mess?

The air fryer can be used to generate crispy bacon in a matter of minutes, making the process less dirty and less time-consuming than standard cooking. The air fryer cooked the bacon rapidly and evenly, making it crispy and flaky. Compared to cooking it on the stove, it’s also a lot less icky this way.


Although it may appear that frying bacon in an air fryer is a horrible idea, we’ve discovered that it can yield crispy and tasty bacon.

Our reviewers were genuinely pleased by how well this approach performed for them, despite the texture being different from what you’d anticipate from stove frying.

Maybe the article on air fryer bacon can provide you with further helpful knowledge.