How to Cook Banana Cake Using Rice Cooker- The Amazing Guideline

A rice cooker is an excellent tool for making banana cake, and I’ll demonstrate How to Cook Banana Cake Using Rice Cooker today. No, there will be no baking or using an oven.

A rice cooker is a multipurpose kitchen machine in every home. Just like rice, it may be used for chicken rice, oatmeal, soup, desserts, and even as a hotpot if you know how much water to use.

I can never bear to throw out a bunch of perfectly ripe bananas, even if they are too mushy to eat. Banana cake is one of my favorites; therefore, I never throw away a single one. Instead, they end up in this delectable dessert.

Also, not just another banana cake will do; this one is rice cooker friendly. This means you shouldn’t be upset about not having access to an oven. You can still make this cake.

Can You Bake a Cake in the Rice Cooker

Baking cakes in rice cookers are common in the Asian culture, and we’ve known about it for a long time. Cakes are easy to create at home, so many greater rice cookers feature a setting for them. It’s acceptable to cook rice in a normal setting.

This method of baking cakes in a rice cooker is obtained from primary and is ideal for those times when you don’t want to switch on the oven.

Not to be overlooked is that the top of the cake will be light in color, and the sides will be curved to fit the bottom of your rice cooker pan. Turning your blonde top into the bottom will make it acceptable.

How Does We Make Banana Cake 

Have you ever had ripe bananas? A Simple cake recipe is available here. To many people, the cake is a marvel of the world.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily you can make a tasty cake home with just a few basic ingredients, including flour, eggs, sugar, and butter.

It’s delicious alchemy that’s as simple to do as it is delicious. So it’s time to add another simple item to your grocery list because this banana cake recipe will blow you away — with its outsized sweet perfection and the convenience of cooking it at home.

This is a great method to eliminate bananas that are becoming a little overripe for the cereal bowl.

We almost forgot: this decadent cake can be made in your rice cooker! You can, of course! This rice cooker cake is sure to become a family tradition once you’ve had a taste of it.

How to Cook Banana Cake Using Rice Cooker

Even if you’ve got a rice cooker, you can’t go wrong with a Tiger multicooker.

How To Cook Banana Cake Using Rice Cooker

You shouldn’t be surprised that banana recipes are on the list of things you can make with this multipurpose kitchen gadget, should you?

To make cheesecake, a luscious carrot cake, or this gigantic chocolate chip and berry pancake, your Tiger rice cooker offers presets for all kinds of desserts, including this one.

You can dump your banana cake mixture into the inner pot of your JBX-A multicooker and then choose the CAKE mode!

What Things You Will Need to Make Banana Cake 

  • Enriched white flour
  • Ripe Bananas (2 to 3 medium to large bananas)
  •  White sugar
  • Cooking Oil
  •  Baking powder
  •  Baking soda
  • Salt
  • Softened butter
  •  Milk
  •  Egg

Instruction on How to Make Banana Cake

In a large bowl, combine the flour, sugar, baking soda, and salt for the bread.. It’s now time to make some pancakes!

Bananas, butter, milk, and one egg are the next to be added. Combining these ingredients thoroughly is important until they make a thick, creamy batter. Then, let it do the heavy lifting if you have an electric mixer (low setting recommended). If you don’t have a food processor, the bananas and butter may be challenging to blend by hand.

The butter should be at room temperature before to use if you want things to run smoothly.. It’s also possible to avoid making a major mess by placing the bananas in a paper freezer bag before mashing them.

If desired, this is the time to add other ingredients, such as crushed nuts or dried fruit. The recipe is open-ended, so feel free to experiment with your twists!

Before putting the bread into the rice cooker’s pot, pay attention to the most important step.! Apply a little coating of cooking oil to the interior of the saucepan. Spreading it using paper towels is easier. If this is not the case, the banana bread will burn when baking.

Cooking the batter is all that is necessary in this scenario. My rice-cooking method is the same every time. Because the bread doesn’t cook completely in one cycle in my rice cooker, I let it run a second time. However, this may be different from yours. If I don’t wait a few minutes between cycles, my cooker will not start back up again immediately away.

And that is the end of the matter! The bread is ready when it’s popped onto a serving platter or dish.

Hopefully, you found this recipe to be easy to follow. If you’d want to learn to cook pasta, seafood, or even beans in your rice cooker, check out my other postings. Who knew a rice cooker could do so many things?


Can You Cook the Banana Cake in a Rice Cooker?

Combine the banana, egg, and flour mixtures in a large bowl. Put all the ingredients into a rice cooker and bake on high for 8–10 minutes, then low for 60–90 minutes more.

Can You Make Banana Bread in a Rice Cooker?

Before you begin, grease the interior of the rice cooker and add the batter. A rice cooker’s cooking duration varies, but it should take about 90 minutes to cook. For certain rice cookers, it will take two cycles to cook rice. To serve, remove the banana bread from the rice cooker and allow it cool before transferring it to a serving dish.


In the sum of the article, you will know how to cook banana cake easily in the rice cooker. Moreover, we’ll write everything about this topic. Because a rice cooker is not only used for making rice, you will also use this for baking, and so many functions are in the setting. Therefore, with this article, I hope you will easily make the cake with the banana cake in a rice cooker at home.