How to Cook Brown Rice in a Rice Cooker Step by Step Guide

I’ve made white rice in a rice cooker, on the stove, and in a pressure cooker. However, in the oven, and even in a steamer, all of which are methods I’ve used before, To achieve suitably fluffy and moist brown rice, you’ll need to simmer it for an extended period. how to cook brown rice in a rice cooker

The secret to fluffy, soft, and delectable brown rice in a rice cooker is to get the water-to-rice ratio just right. Using a rice cooker is a tremendous time-saver, but figuring out how to use one is not.

It might be challenging to learn how to utilise the time-saving gadget, especially when using rice from different regions. In any case, you’ll only need to measure out your portions, add a little water, and then let the rice cooker do the rest for you. It’s guaranteed to be flawless every time if you follow all of the steps perfectly.

What is Brown Rice

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The outer hull of brown rice has been removed, making it whole grain rice. The hull, the grain layer, and the wheat germ are all drawn from white rice. There are three types of whole rice: red rice, gold, and black (sometimes known as purple).

How Many Type of Brown Rice 

Similarly to white rice, long and short-grain brown rice are available in a variety of flavours. Brown rice variants are comparable to white rice varieties in that they differ in that long-grain brown rice is far less sticky and has more distinct grains when cooked.

Although the short-grain brown rice is a little stickier, it retains a pleasant chewiness when cooked. This meal was made with long-grain brown rice from Mogami and brown rice from Botan..

How Much Water Ratio to Cook Brown Rice

Each variety of brown rice grain has a particular set of measures and weights that must be followed when cooking them. If you don’t know how much rice you have, you may simply weigh each cup and use the same ratio for all of your brown rice varieties.

Scoop sizes might vary from model to model of the rice cooker. I’ve tried two scoops from two separate rice cookers and found that they differ by at least 14 grammes.

It’s my preference to use a traditional measuring cup for the rice, and I don’t use the rice cooker’s built-in instructions. For consistent results, you can weigh the rice before cooking. Listed here are the proportions of brown rice grain that I use for each kind of brown rice grain. In 10 fluid ounces of water, there is approximately 191 grammes of brown short-grain rice.And other than 1 cup of brown rice (178 grammes), 10 ounces of water.

This information pertains to a single serving (one cup) of brown rice. Scaling up may necessitate the addition of extra water.

How to Cook Brown Rice in a Rice Cooker


you may make brown rice by doubling the amount of water called for in a recipe. To compensate for the change in texture, you’ll need to add half a cup of water to each cup of rice. Brown rice cooks more slowly than white rice because it is denser

As a result, the bran layer of brown rice remains intact. Consequently, they take longer to cook at the right temperature and absorb less water.

You can calculate how long your rice will take to cook by multiplying the amount of water you use in the recipe by its volume. As soon as all the water has drained out of the rice cooker’s reservoir, the appliance will turn itself off.

However, rinsing the brown rice for 20–30 minutes before preparing it can also help it cook faster. When soaking the rice, use no more than one cup of water per cup of rice.


Plug the cooker in and make sure it’s operational. As soon as that’s done, press the “cook” button. That will take care of the remainder automatically by the cooker.

Only “cook” and “hot” modes are available in most rice cookers.

Before cooking the rice, make sure that you have programmed the model to the correct setting. Consult your vehicle’s owner’s handbook to find out the appropriate locations.


Wait a few minutes after the rice has been cooked to ensure that it has the proper consistency. After a few more minutes, the rice will have absorbed all of the remaining steam and begin cooling down to an acceptable temperature. Keep the cover on the rice cooker while it rests.

Crunchy and flavourless brown rice is generally the result of undercooking.

You can’t avoid it, so take that into consideration. When you’re hungry, it might be tempting to eat right away, but the rice’s full flavour and increased texture are worth the wait.


It is best to use a wooden spoon or rubber spatula for this task. Break up any big clumps with the edge of your utensil. A pot of perfectly cooked, fluffy brown rice is now waiting to be served with your choice of flavorful stir-fry, veggie medley, or grilled salmon. 

The best way to fluff or scoop your rice is not to use metal tools at all. The inside of the rice cooker may become permanently scratched as a result of this action.

When making rice daily, having a shamoji on hand might be beneficial. For mixing and serving rice, modern versions of this Japanese tool are made of soft plastic.

How Long Cook Brown Rice in Rice Cooker

Because I use a national rice cooker, my cooking times may vary somewhat from those of other rice cooker users. On my rice cooker’s “regular” setting, a cup of brown rice cooks typically about 45 minutes to an hour. To achieve the best results, I recommend following the instructions in your machine’s brown rice handbook.

As a general rule, you should never open the door of your rice cooker while it is in use. When the cooker tells you it’s ready, open it. Early lid opening may alter the quality of the finished product and its texture and doneness. Even before opening the cooker, I like to let the rice rest for approximately five minutes. As a result, the rice grains retain their plumpness by absorbing extra moisture.


How much water do you use to cook brown rice in a rice cooker?

You should use 2 1/4 cups water for every 1 12 cups brown rice in your recipe. While most rice cookers come with a measuring cup, others feature markings on the cooking pot so that you can always know how much rice and water to enter, no matter how several cups you’re using or what sort of rice.

Does brown rice need more water in rice cooker?

In the process of making the rice, Add the necessary amount of water to your recipe. A decent rule of thumb is to increase the suggested water by 50% when preparing brown rice. With rice, you’ll need 1.5 cups of water each cup, which will help balance out the differences in texture.

How much water do I use for 2 cups of brown rice in a rice cooker?

When using your rice cooker, instead of filling it up to the “2 cups” sign, fill it up to the “3 cups” sign instead. Three cups of water are generally used for 2 cups of brown rice.


In final remarks, we provide the finest instruction with our step-by-step guide for how to cook brown rice in the rice cooker. and also provide the basic information for the brown rice guide. However, after reading this article, you will be able to adequately cook brown rice in the rice cooker pot and make perfect rice. I hope you enjoy and learn a lot from the blog. and so much learn with the blog.