How to Cook Quinoa in a Rice Cooker, Must Read this Instruction

Quinoa is a tasty and healthy grain, an excellent fiber and complex carbohydrates source. Even better, it’s a breeze to prepare if you use a rice cooker to steam it. This approach is both time-saving and results in fluffy, light Quinoa. How to cook Quinoa in a rice cooker?

Using this method, you may cook Quinoa without a stove or pot. When it comes to cooking Quinoa, there’s no better method than using a rice cooker for this task! Quinoa that’s always fluffy and ready to eat is now a thing of the past!

You might be shocked to learn that your rice cooker is helpful for more than simply making rice; however, I will provide you with the best way to cook Quinoa in the rice cooker.

Why Do Cook Quinoa in a Rice Cooker

Cooking quinoa is a breeze compared to cooking rice, which causes me a lot of headaches on the stove. A quick rinse is all that’s needed to get the dirt off. Finally, bring the mixture to a boil, then decrease the heat and let it steam. You’re all done now!

With that said, it does need constant monitoring and takes up space on the burner. Because I typically make numerous dishes at once while meal preparing, I’m glad for any appliance that makes it easier to cook in bulk, especially the Instant Pot, the slow cooker, and now the rice cooker. Even if I’m only making Quinoa for supper on a weeknight, my rice cooker is my go-to appliance.

With this method, you may use the same water-to-water ratio that you usually use to cook your Quinoa on a stovetop.

What Type of Quinoa and Liquid do I Need?

If you’re wondering about your material, we will give you three steps to show you how you used to cook Quinoa.

1- You can use any kind of Quinoa in this recipe. Since it’s hard to see from the photographs, I used rainbow (sometimes known as tricolor) Quinoa. But ordinary (or organic) white Quinoa will work just as well, too.

2-  Cooking quinoa with stock is the most pleasing way to flavor it, in my opinion. Vegetable, meat, or chicken stock are all acceptable substitutes. Alternatively, it might use a stock and water mixture. Chicken broth and water, for example, can be used in this recipe.

3- When using a rice cooker to prepare Quinoa, season it with the following ingredients before adding them to the rice. I used 12 teaspoons of salt for the seasoning, as you’ll see in the recipe below. If you want to up the taste, even more, feel free to use your favorite spices. I’ve experimented with cumin seeds, ground coriander, and even ground turmeric for the flavor of my rice cooker quinoa.

How Much We Need Water Ratio to Cook Quinoa

How To Cook Quinoa In A Rice Cooker 2

Quinoa may be cooked in a rice cooker by using 1–2 oz of Quinoa in each cup of liquid. For rice cooker quinoa, you’ll need a cup of uncooked quinoa and two cups of water or other cooking liquid.

Benefits of Quinoa

A quinoa-based meal provides a wide range of health rewards. Vitamins are only one of the many nutrients it provides.  Carbohydrates, Low Fat, The amino acids Aside from many other things, fiber is one of them.

How to Cook Quinoa in a Rice Cooker  

The simple step to cook Quinoa in the Rice Cooker

1– Using a fine-mesh funnel or filter, drain one cup of Quinoa and rinse it under chilly running water.. During the rinsing process, swirl the Quinoa around your palms. To remove the seed’s bitter coating before cooking, it is essential to rinse Quinoa first.

Line a colander with cheesecloth or coffee filters if you don’t have a sieve small enough to rinse the Quinoa.

2– Cooking time will vary depending on how long you cook the Quinoa and how much water you pour into the rice cooker, so keep an eye on it. For flavoring, add 1/2 teaspoon (2.55 grams) salt just before cooking the Quinoa.

To avoid a sticky texture, do not use boiling water.

3–  Turn the rice cooker on with the lid on. In the event that you have a rice cooker that allows you to set distinct parameters for white and brown rice, white rice should be used. Cooking time for white rice and Quinoa is almost the same at 15 minutes.

The Quinoa won’t steam correctly if you open the cover as it cooks, so be sure not to do that!

If you’re unsure how to use your rice cooker, you may want to check the correct procedures.

4-Make sure the rice cooker’s cover is on and then disconnect the appliance. As the Quinoa sits for a few minutes, you will do it cooking. Lift the lid and fluff the Quinoa lightly with a fork after about 5 minutes.

Any particles compressed or glued together may be freed by fluffing the grain. This will give your dish an even lighter texture.

5-There are several ways in which you may substitute your plain Quinoa for rice or any other food item in your meal. However, Quinoa may also be used as a side dish or in different cuisines. In one example, you may cool down your Quinoa and combine it with shredded veggies and a vinaigrette before serving it as a salad.

How Long Cook Quinoa in a Rice Cooker

Using a rice cooker, you can have nicely cooked Quinoa in around 30 minutes. It will remain warm in your rice cooker until you’re ready to eat it once the cooking process has come to an end.


Can a Rice Cooker be Used for Quinoa?

To prepare the Quinoa, add it to a rice cooker and the broth or water. Add salt to the rice cooker and set it on. 30 minutes should be enough time for most to be done cooking. Wait a few minutes, then fluff it up with a fork when it’s cooled down.

What Setting Do you use for Cooking Quinoa in a Rice Cooker?

Make use of the white rice option. 3-4 minutes cooling time is recommended after the rice cooker beeps. Gently fluff the Quinoa with a fork.

Does Quinoa Need to be Rinsed?

It is essential to rinse Quinoa with cold water before cooking it, as you may or may not have known. Follow this easy procedure to remove the bitter chemical (saponin) present on the tiny seeds. If you don’t, the ancient superfood will taste awful, and you won’t want to eat it again. It is simple.


Preparing Quinoa in a rice cooker is one option that you may explore. A minute or two is all it needs to prepare. Cooking is an essential and quick process. Everyone can do it comfortably. If you obtain the correct heat and ingredients, any rice cooker will do a great job. Quinoa has a lot of nutritional and health advantages.

It is regarded as one of the complete meals on the planet. Try making one tonight and have a great dinner.