How to Get Rid of an Air fryer Plastic smell some unique tips and tricks

An air fryer is a godsend if you crave the deep-fried,crispy favorite dishes. Even though they choose to limit their intake of oil in their diet. For a change of pace, try baking some cookies or pastries in an air fryer. Only one question may be on your mind, and we know it. How to Get Rid of an Air Fryer plastic smell.

However, the new air fryer’s over whelming plastic scent was the most often reported issue. Simultaneously, the temperature of the air fryer rises. Does the food from the air fryer have an unpleasant odor, and is this odor concerning (is it safe)?

We believe some plastic from the packing process remains inside the air fryer after use. It’s also possible that plastic was left over from the food packing process. But when you turn on the air fryer, the plastic begins to melt, and an unpleasant odor is released. However, there is yet hope. This post will provide information on eliminating the plastic odor from your air fryer.

Let’s go right into a detailed analysis of a great piece.

First, why did the air fryer smell such as plastic

Coatings are included with most air fryers to prevent damage. This coating is subjected to high temperatures throughout the first operation of the air fryer. When this happens, the layer burns and releases a chemical characteristic of burning plastic. Therefore, you shouldn’t notice any lingering odor if you burn off the covering between applications. Don’t worry; you can get rid of the odor without cooking the dish the first few times.

When preheating an air fryer, several manufacturers recommend operating it at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes with no food inside. This approach will burn the plastic away rather than melt it into the food.

The more plastic components a fryer has, the more and the longer it will retain odors. Even while the air fryer basket in a metal model still has a covering, the scents aren’t as severe because there are fewer plastic components. To that end, it’s essential to research and get an air fryer with more metal components than plastic. After all, nothing puts out a less enticing odor than burning plastic.

Yet there are other ways in which an air fryer might emit a foul odor besides burning that layer. We might also consider the following as potential causes of an unpleasant odor:

The source of heat

The top of the air fryer is typically where the heating element is situated. Small bits of food can accumulate here after some time. A foul, burning odor may be released as the air gets hotter.

Dirtying up the joint

Also, if you don’t clean your air fryer after each use, it can start to smell nasty when you use it. It’s good news that most air fryers’ removable components are dishwasher-safe. That’s why I always wash my basket in the dishwasher after each usage, after giving it a brief rinse and scrape to remove any stubbornm food particles. Once it’s cooled down, clean the interior and outside with a wet sponge, damp towel, and dish soap.

6 Best ways to get rid of that plastic smell from an air fryer

Which culture has embraced air fryers? After the first usage, they fear the air fryer will continue to smell like plastic. If the plastic odor of your air fryer has been keeping you up at night, have no fear; we have six solutions for you.

Clean the basket:

Most people who use air fryers clean the detachable basket to eliminate the burned plastic smell. Cleaning this space will require many products until the odor is gone.

The basket should be immersed in warm water for almost 15 minutes. Then, after cleaning with a sponge, the basket may go back into the air fryer.

Run the air fryer for consecutive cycles:

Some chefs recommend using an air fryer to mask the smell of burnt plastic. Cook in the air fryer for 30 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit with the basket in place. After 15 minutes of cooling, the fryer will be ready for another round of gin.

Prepare the grease separator basket and tray by seasoning them:

Those who have used air fryers know to coat the basket and grease the oil on a separate tray before storing everything in the air fryer. It is heated in the dryer at 350 degrees for 10 minutes to dry the air. As soon as the air fryer has cooled down, its parts may be washed with hot water.

Distilled vinegar and lime juice:

Place the air fryer basket in a heat-safe basin to eliminate the charred plastic odor. You should next try stuffing them with a mixture of a cup of undiluted vinegar and 1-2 teaspoons of lime juice. Finally, hold the heat-resistant dish containing the cleaning solution in the odorous air fryer. Liquids should be heated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 5-10 minutes. However, after 15 minutes of cooling, remove the air fryer basket. Rupert recommends repeating the method three to five times to eliminate the stench.

How To Get Rid Of An Air Fryer Plastic Smell

Acid Solution:

Burning plastic should be left in the house for a while. Then, wash the interior of the air fryer with a towel soaked in acid solution and let it sit overnight. We’re hoping the acid solution will neutralize the plastic odor in the air fryer. Cleaning the air fryer is simple after its use for preparing meals.

Combining baking soda and vinegar:

Burnt plastic has a pungent, unpleasant stench that may permeate your home. Therefore, it is recommended that a combination of baking soda and vinegar be used as an odor absorber for this task. Don’t forget to put the ingredients into an air fryer basket and cook them for a few minutes at 350 degrees—both before using the air fryer and after cleaning the basket.

Some other ways how to get rid of an air fryer plastic smell

Look for signs of plastic:

But if there’s any plastic in the air fryer, don’t use it. No amount of effort can then be made to eradicate the plastic-y smell. Checking the interior of the air fryer will round out that new plastic odor. Open up your gadget and inspect it for plastic components. Ensure the heating element works, and check the air fryer’s rack and lid.

Vinegar, lemon juice, or lime juice:

Natural cleaners, as well as lime or lemon juice and vinegar, are commonplace household items. In terms of cleanliness, nothing beats these products. There are no known toxins in these products. Furthermore, this substance is excellent for eliminating odors and dissolving stains.

Try using some of these as a green alternative to conventional cleaning products. For example, put a couple of teaspoons of lemon juice, lime juice, or vinegar into a plate and add the solution. Combining these products is an option if you want to dissolve dd in water and incorporate these components quickly. To finish cooking, place the dish in an air fryer and set the temperature between 300 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Time required: around 3–5 minutes.

The solution will evaporate and transform into plastic vapors throughout this process. It is recommended to wait until your air fryer has cooled down before attempting to clean it. This fabric soaks up the residual solutions. Then, thoroughly clean the interior of your air fryer to remove any lingering plastic smell.

Aluminum Foil

In any case, here are some suggestions for neutralizing that plastic scent. Aluminum foil can be used as a preliminary step in this process to mask any plastic odor that may be present. Still, you’re careful to use the air fryer exclusively for the foil. Another option is for this file to be circulated with the device and installed internally. It’s important to weigh down the foil with food so it It doesn’t blow away.


The procedure for preheating is easy. This technique, however, is ideal for eliminating any potential air fryer-related plastic odors. Preheating the air fryer for only a few minutes is all it takes to eliminate any plastic smell. After using this procedure, you won’t notice any charred plastic aroma. Naturally, all of this is done before the actual cooking begins.

A Clean Kitchen

There are various reliable and efficient cooking aids available on the market nowadays.The product’s creators specifically aimed to create something to be used in the kitchen. Most experts advise using a small amount of dish soap on a damp microfiber cloth for the initial cleaning. To clean the interior of your air fryer, use a damp cloth.No charred bits of plastic, stale odors, or sanitized dirt are allowed.

Ammonia-based liquid cleaners can also be used. The fryer becomes hot before cleaning, but you can’t tug your food. Your air fryer, however, has a non-stick coating, as you recall. Therefore, metal objects should never be used to scrape charred food or plastic. Another option is to use a bristle brush or scourer that isn’t rough on surfaces.

Is that burned plastic smell in your air fryer safe to use

After their first use, an air fryer’s plastic components may emit a burned odor. This is because air fryers require the coating on food to be burned off before cooking can begin. Some individuals may find the scent of this smoke unpleasant, but they do not worry about their safety.

Be aware that most baskets won’t fit in the air fryers are often coated with Teflon (Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), amsynthetic fluoropolymer). Some worry that is using an air fryer at 572 degrees Fahrenheit is dangerous. Although an air fryer cannot be heated to a higher temperature.

Tips and tricks for keeping air fryer smell free

Cooking on a cast-iron pan is analogous to this technique. Make use of a paper towel and some regular cooking oil to get this result(such as vegetable or canola oil, which have mild flavors and high smoke points). Towel with a few drops of olive oil. Once done, you may run a paper towel inside your air fryer. Then, put the oil-coated basket and separate tray in the oven.

To begin, set the air fryer’s temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and let it heat for a few minutes (10 minutes).

After 15 minutes, the air fryer is ready to be used again. The air fryer requires the tray to be removed and re-oiled when the food cools down. Keep the tray inside the air fryer and continue the process. Wipe off the air fryer’s tray using a moist sponge. Make sure that employing oil spray is not safe in this process. Avoid doing anything that might ruin the non-stick coating on


Why does my air fryer smell like chemicals?

Because plastic is a chemical byproduct of human industry, it is not uncommon for newly purchased appliances to retain a chemical aftertaste. Your air fryer could emit a plastic odor when you first turn it on. Except for the air fryer basket, which is metal, they are often all plastic.

Are plastic air fryers toxic?

The frying baskets of many air fryers are made of nonstick materials. This substance, often known as Teflon or non-stick coating, is typically fabricated from the PFAS chemical PTFE.

Gases, chemicals, and fumes ranging in toxicity from moderate to severe are released from PTFE-coated cookware when heated to standard cooking temperatures.


This article explains why air fryers sometimes have a strong smell, mainly when you use them for the first time. Although in this article, we look at the air fryer plastic odor. And we look at some tricks and tips to eliminate the plastic smell.

If you treat their air fryer, with care from the start, will last as long as yours. The charred plastic covering odor isn’t permanent and will rapidly dissipate. This post will help you eliminate the smell of plastic.