How to Light a Deep Fryer: the Comprehensive Guide

Deep fryers are a great way to cook crispy, tasty food. If you’re looking for how to light a deep fryer, we’ve got the definitive guide right here! We’ll cover how deep-frying works and how to properly maintain your deep fryer so that it’s always ready when you need it.

Follow these steps and enjoy delicious fried food easily in your own home. Many novices to deep frying are typically rather scared when they first confront such a foreign apparatus. You don’t have to be frightened if you’re one of these novices.

Many restaurant cooks can do it in their sleep and it will not take long to do it without thinking. It is not all that tough to learn how to ignite a deep fryer. What type of deep fryer you have varies. Some criteria can be followed according to the deep fryer.

Turn the Deep Fryer On

Turn the deep fryer on and get ready to make some crunchy, golden fried goodness.
Pour in enough vegetable oil so it reaches halfway up the sides of your pot or pan; this will be where you cook using high heat at medium settings with constant stirring required every few minutes until golden browned (about 10-15minutes). A candy thermometer should also sit comfortably inside without being shaken loose by vibrations during cooking time

Wait for It to Heat Up

Add an extra tablespoon of oil to the deep fryer before adding your food. 
It is important that you wait for it heats up because otherwise, there will be nothing but disappointing crispy fried snacks!

Use a Long-Handled Lighter or Match to Light the Pilot Light Under the Oil Reservoir

You may have trouble lighting the pilot light with a match or lighter, so use an oil-soaked rag instead. Make sure not to set fire to anything – it’s best practice if you need help getting this done before it’s too late!
The easiest way for me was just using my long-handled lighter (which has worked well in other places). I could see where there were some bubbles from gas coming up through the hole into crevices of metal around inside because we filled them all right then when putting new pipes

Put Food in the Basket and Drop It into Heated Oil, So That No Part of a Body Is Immersed in the Frying Oil

In the basket, put the food into the heated oil. Make sure that no portion of your body is immersed since it will cause you to burn with the scolding liquid!
However, the most hazardous time to cook is while frying meat or eggs; all food should be handled carefully so that it is cooked without being too browned first before pulling it off when enough color has remained while making sure that none of them is burned to the surface like butter when baking.

How to Light a Deep Fryer in Different Types

In this session, we will discuss the two types of fryers. how do you light a deep fryer? Let’s see

Outdoor Deep Fryer

How To Light A Deep Fryer
  • Fill the oil storage tank.
  • Turn the gas and temperature gauge to OFF.
  • Leaks check. Soapy water can be used to wet the connections to the tank and control valve. Open the tank valve approximately a half turn and observe whether a leak is indicated by bubbles. Enhance your relationships when you notice bubbles.
  • Turn the gas at the source tank after the leaks are repaired. Ensure that the gas tank is at least three feet away from the burner.
  • Set the heat control for the burner.
  • Spark the flame of a long lighter butane candle to light the burner. When flames are on, make sure you move the lighter fast and your hand back. You probably should wear gloves.
  • Regulate the temperature control to the desired temperature to heat the oil.

If you have a huge oil vat and you want to temperature above 350 degrees F, you might just have to wait for a half-hour.

 Indoor (Commercial) Fryer Pilot

How To Light A Deep Fryer
  • Continue with the handbook reading. There may be some unique recommendations for the model you have. There may also be recommendations on the side of the deep fryer. Most deep fryers may be ignited using the same basic procedures, though.
  • Complete with adequate oil the deep fryer oil reservoir. The inner wall of the oil reservoir should be filled. It’s best, to begin with, this instead of pouring oil while there’s an open fire.
  • Turn the gas valve and temperature gauge to the OFF position.
  • Plug the deep fryer into the gas tube. You may require a crescent clamp adjustable for this operation. Numerous indoor fryers have a permanent gas connection, though.
  • Set the gas valve to position PILOT.
  • Hold the control pushbutton in the ignition position or press the electronic ignition. Many deep fryers with hand-held pilots may require to insert a lighter in the hole at the base at the end of a long candle, so you can extend a fire into the pilot light van.
  • Allow the pilot to burn bright for at least a few minutes.
  • Raise the deep fryer temperature to around 200 degrees F so that the gas flows under the oil reservoir to the burner. The burning pilot light illuminates the burner.
  • Adjust the temperature to the level you wish when the oil is heated by the burners.
  • The pilot light stays illuminated in the meantime, when you turn the deep fryer on, instantly to light burners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How Do You Light the Pilot on a Deep Fryer?

    To light the pilot on a fryer, you need to turn off the gas valve, then open the pilot valve. Then, you should wait for the flame to go out, then turn the gas back on. Finally, you should close the pilot valve again.

  2. How Do You Light a Deep Fat Fryer?

     To light deep fat fryers, you need to turn the gas valve off, then turn the burner on high for about 30 seconds. Then, turn the gas back on and wait until the flame goes out. The flame should be blue when the gas is turned on.

  3. How Do You Turn on an Oil Fryer?

    To turn on oil fryers, you need to press the button on top of the oil fryer. The oil fryer should be turned on for at least 30 minutes before cooking food.

  4. Why Is My Deep Fryer Not Working?

    The most probable reason your deep fryer will not turn on is a power cable problem. Many deep fryer power cords magnetically attach to the device and may be removed simply when the fryer is bumped or relocated. Ensure your power cord is connected properly before it ends up becoming defective.


 After reading this blog, you should have a better understanding of how to light a deep fryer. We hope that these articles will help you make the most out of your deep frying experience and keep things running smoothly at home or in a commercial setting.