Best Way How to Make Sushi Rice in Rice cooker

Good Rice is the foundation of any outstanding sushi. To make sushi, you need sticky rice. Without it, you won’t be able to wrap the rice into sushi. It’s the most easiest technique of producing sushi rice to use a rice cooker. So, how to make sushi rice in rice cooker.

After assembling your supplies, dipping your Rice, and washing your rice cooker, all that’s left is to put two cups of filtered water. Finally, put the Rice in the basket, set the timer for 30 minutes, and press the start button on your rice cooker.

Sushi rice can take anywhere from 20 to 35 minutes to cook, depending on the quantity and size of your rice cooker. In today’s post, I’ll walk you through the steps I use to make handmade sushi rice that rivals the best of the best in Japanese cuisine.

 What is Sushi Rice

short-grain Rice from Japan is cooked and then seasoned with a mixture of rice vinegar, sugar, salt, kombu, and other ingredients (kelp). It’s known as sushi-meshi, su-meshi, or shari in Japanese. All sushi is made using vinegar-flavored Rice.

If you’re looking for sushi rice outside of Japan, you’ll have to be a little more specific about what type of Rice you’re using. Because of this, many people believe that sushi rice is the only application for it. It’s the same Rice we use for ordinary steamed Rice and other rice recipes!

See my page on How to Make Rice if you seek a recipe for plain steamed Rice. Short-grain Japanese Rice must be cooked and a vinegar-based flavor mixed in before sushi can be made.

That Thing you’ll Need to Cook Sushi Rice.

  • Sushi Rice
  • Water
  • Sushi Vinegar

Let’s discuss how this ingredient is essential to cooking perfect sushi rice.

Sushi Rice 

It’s best to use koshihikari sushi rice, the most widely available kind. It may now be available in most supermarkets, Asian grocers, and the internet. When it comes to short-grain rice, the difference between long grain and short grain will be noticeable. You may get the closest thing to sushi rice flavor and texture by using arborio rice instead of natural.

How To Make Sushi Rice In Rice Cooker


For the best flavor, make sure you use filtered cold water.

Sushi Vinegar

The glue that holds it all together. Adding vinegar to sushi rice enhances the flavor of the fish and enhances the Rice’srice’s natural sweetness and salt. Adding a bit of stickiness and keeping things together is a benefit. With a 3:2:1 ratio, you may prepare it at home. On the burner or microwave, combine 3 Tblsp Rice Wine Vinegar (or Apple Cider Vinegar), 2 Tbl of sugar, and 1 Tbl of Sea Salt. Nakano, the most popular brand, is readily available in supermarkets. Pre-seasoned with sugar and salt, look for the red lid on this. Standard rice wine vinegar is found in the green cap.

How to Make Sushi Rice in Rice Cooker

Here we will provide some tips to cook sushi rice in rice cooker. To make perfectly sushi rice in rice cooker to follow these tips.

1- Rinse the Rice by filling the pot from the rice cooker with enough water to cover the rice grains completely. Using your hands, gently stir the rice. Take a pan and tilt it over the garbage disposal to drain any remaining water in the Rice. The water won’t be completely exhausted by this procedure, but it will drain most of it. To clean the water, keep repeating this procedure until it is no longer visible (2-3 times).

2- The final step is to add 1-3/4 inches of water to the Rice after being thoroughly washed and rinsed. To measure the waterline, I usually use my ring finger. You may get this look by dipping your ring finger into the pot and placing it on top of the cooked rice. My ring finger’s first wrinkle is where the waterline meets mine. Take into consideration how others may interpret this..

3- Activate and pick a cooking mode on your rice cooker.

4- A small saucepan filled with rice vinegar, sugar, and salt should be heated to a rolling boil before using. Heat to a complete dissolution on medium-high heat. Cook the rice, and then add the ingredients to it. Gently mix the ingredients and fluff the rice with a wooden spoon. It’s time to begin making sushi..


Can you put sushi rice in a rice cooker?

Taking your hands, rinse the Rice several times in the rice cooker pan until the water becomes more opaque (it doesn’t need to be precise). Drain. Add water to your rice cooker until it reaches the 2 cup fill level. To Begin, choose Rice.

What is sushi rice water ratio in rice cooker?

The golden guideline for Rice to water ratio in Japan is 1:1.1. (or 1.2). The amount of water you didn’t add is 10% to 20% extra. A rice cooker cup (180ml) will require 200 ml of water, not 180 ml as previously thought.

How long does sushi rice take in rice cooker?

In a rice cooker, add water and Rice. To begin the cooking process, simply press the control panel’s front button. When finished, a button will come up, and the light will change to “hot.” Authorize the rice to steam for around 15 minutes before removing the pot’s lid..

Do you need a rice cooker for sushi?

In order to make a basic pot of Japanese Rice, you don’t need a rice cooker.! There are several excellent Japanese foods that you can prepare with the Rice once it is cooked, like Onigiri and Katsudon (Fried Pork Rice Bowls).


Well, there you have it. That didn’t seem too outlandish. Mild and straightforward in flavor, sushi rice should be. Make sure you get its characteristic stickiness just right by soaking the Rice overnight, switching to short-grain varieties of Rice, and steaming it in a rice cooker.