How to Reheat a Burrito in the Oven: the Ultimate Guide

The burrito is one of America’s favorite meals. There are numerous ways to enjoy a burrito, but How to Reheat a Burrito in the oven? If you attempt to save time and money, it might be easy to microwave your dinner. But how do you know how long it’s supposed to take? At which temperature should it be heated? 

However, sometimes we don’t have time or want something new to prepare them the usual method. This post will show you how to reheat your burrito in the oven and get your flavor at home without any effort! The most sensible thing to do manually? By changing bake time and temperature, you can perfectly regulate how hot and crispy it is. Follow these basic guidelines for an excellent supper for every night of the week!

What are Burritos

In the U.S. and Northern Mexico, Burritos are a popular Tex-Mex meal. They are, however, also consumed throughout Europe and parts of Asia. Burritos comprise a pan formed from ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes or guac, rice or maize AKA grain, sour cream, and cheese, as well as a variety of candy.

These filings are wrapped in a flour tortilla in a cylindrical form. They are usually steamed, grilled, or even cooked in a pot. Sometimes the burritos include a range of spicy sauces like the popular Moes’ burrito covered.

A burrito prepares by wrapping a flour tortilla around several contents in a sealed cylindrical form. Steamed or grilled burritos are generally hand-held when consumed. But a burrito can occasionally be served “wet” and placed on a platter with a flavorful sauce.

The components can vary considerably depending on the dietary tastes of a person. However, it can typically combine them with the following items:

How To Reheat A Burrito In The Oven
  • Protein (beef, chicken, turkey, eggs, beans, bacon, sausage)
  • Food and vegetables (guacamole, salsa, tomatoes, lettuce)
  • Grain (rice, corn)
  • Dairy (cheese, sour cream)
  • Sweet and spicy sauce, moist or smothered

In the U.S., burritos are famous at home but also popular in restaurants. Burrito is among the cheapest menus in leading restaurants like Taco Bell, Moe’s Southwest Grill, and Chipotle’s.

Types of Burritos

In a typical burrito, we’d expect to see ground beef or brisket, cheese, beans, avocado, cilantro, rice, sauce, and other vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes. There are, however, a few variants within variants, mainly in terms of ingredients and cooking methods.

1- Mission Burrito

An oversized, steamed tortilla is used to make this burrito. All this food is designed to be eaten with your hands; therefore, it’s wrapped in aluminum foil.

2- California Burrito

Grilled meat or chicken is usually marinated and served with a side of crispy French fries and smothered with shredded cheese.

3- Mexican Burrito

Compared to a Mission-style burrito, this type of burrito is much smaller. It’s made with ground beef and refried beans and is best eaten with your hands.

4- Breakfast Burritos

Scrambled eggs with cured meats like sausage, bacon, or chorizo are commonly served for breakfast in the United States. Cheese and spring onions are also included in this tortilla.

5- Burritos smothered in the sauce:

This is a typical Mexican burrito, complete with all the usual fixings. On the other hand, these burritos are slathered with various sauces, giving them a moist and luscious texture. Generally, it is eaten with a fork and knife since it is so delicate.

6- Japanese Burrito

This fish-and-Asian-inspired burrito is a one-of-a-kind creation. Ingredients such as kimchi, spicy beef, and sriracha mayo are also often utilized.

7- Chimichanga Burrito

Traditional components including flour tortillas, marinated pork, refried beans, and sour cream are commonly included in this popular dish. What exactly is the distinction? Served with avocados, salsa, or carne asada is the burrito.

According to the components and cooking method, you may make a burrito.. The method you reheat your burrito may also be affected by these factors.

Why You Should Reheat Your Burrito 

Hot, straight out of the oven, it is one of the most fantastic burritos you will ever have to eat. Unfortunately, we frequently overlook such mushy cold things in our refrigerator because of time limitations and hunger for excellent cuisine – until now! It’s easy as a pie (pie not included), so here are two reasons why your old pal might need to reheat:

Burritos are known to harbor germs, even after microwaving or boiling, since they cannot kill all temperatures with one technique. If appropriately prepared like pizza dough does in an industrial environment, utilizing both heat sources that permit.

How to Reheat a Burrito in the Oven

Half of them would advocate using a range for cooking up this all-time favorite Mexican meal if you asked burritos. This approach not only assists in giving your burrito a beautiful crisp but also avoids coming out in a mushy tumble.

Here are the actions you need to do if you have decided to follow this advice:

  • Preheat the oven to a temperature of 225F.
  • Remove the tortilla from the fridge and cover it in aluminum foil freely. It helps to cook it more quickly and stops the tortilla from drying out.
  • In the oven, put the wrapped tortilla for about 30 minutes. You can use any dish or plate oven-safe. If you heat several burritos, you can uniformly place them in huge cupboards.
  • To take the burrito from the oven, use oven gloves or strong tongs. Ensure the tortilla and its ingredients are warm throughout;. If the thermometer in the center of the burrito reads 165F.
  • Turn off the heat and cut it in half until your burrito is served.

Tips for Reheating a Burrito in the Oven

How To Reheat A Burrito In The Oven

Heating a tortilla in the oven is straightforward. The essential thing you remember is never microwave when it’s heated, as the microwave makes your meal oily and rubbery! There are two techniques of reheating: dry heat or humid heat. 

To utilize either technique, you must preheat your oven to 400°F for 10 minutes before inserting the frozen food. To achieve is even higher results. I suggest that you put an aluminum tray underneath, too, so that after food, you do not have to purge any mess;

But if you cook directly on bare metal such as steel pans and pots, which can withstand high temperatures without damaging them (so long as they do not scratch). You want 45 minutes.

The Other ways to Reheat Burrito 

Besides the oven and kitchen oven, the stovetop, toaster oven, and air fryer are viable options for warming up your burrito.

Any reheating technique can be successful in various ways as long as you’re aware of the dangers. The best ways to reheat a burrito are covered in detail in this article. Afterwards, you’ll be able to pick the one that works best for your schedule and requirements.

Reheat Burrito in Microwave 

The quickest method of reheating a tortilla is in the microwave. It’s simple and convenient. Reheating a burrito for lunch is a cinch with this device. One or two burritos can be reheated using this manner.

Wet paper towel-covered burrito waiting to be reheated in the microwave. It may dry out if you don’t cook the tortilla correctly when reheating it in the microwave. To avoid the burrito from drying out, adhere to these tips.

When you microwave the tortilla, ensure it’s wrapped in a moist paper towel. As the tortilla cooks, it retains its softness and moistness thanks to this simple approach.

Avoid overcooking at all costs. The filling will dry out, and the tortilla becomes tricky as it cooks. Instead of overcooking the tortilla at the start, gradually increasing the cooking time in the microwave is advisable.

Make use of the turntable on your microwave. There are hot and cold areas in microwaves. A microwave oven uses thermal radiation waves to cook food.

To reach the food, the microwave’s waves reverberate inside the appliance. Meal molecules vibrate as a result of the waves, and this causes the food to heat up as a result.

Every so often, interference occurs when microwaves bounce off one other in the same space. However, A hot spot is formed when two waves combine their energy. A cold abscess can form when two waves interfere with one other, reducing the strength of both.

The outcome is a microwave with “hot” and “cold” regions. Food will become stuck in the hot and cold areas if it is not rotated during the cooking process. In certain places, the burrito may even catch fire. Some of the burrito’s components, such as the outside, will be freezing.

Microwave Burrito Reheating Instructions

  • Strip the burrito’s covers (foil, paper, etc.).
  • After unwrapping and removing any cold ingredients from the tortilla, you may eat it! (sour cream, guacamole, tomatoes, lettuce). Put the burrito back in its original wrapper.
  • Ring out a damp paper towel. Ideally, it should be wet but not dripping.
  • Wrap the burrito in a paper towel and set it aside to dry. The moist paper towel should cover the whole burrito, including the open region where the contents are exposed.
  • Place the tortilla on a plate that can be heated in the microwave.
  • Use a powerful microwave oven. Tiny burritos should take 30 seconds and giant burritos 45 seconds.
  • Microwave the burrito for an additional 15 to 20 seconds on high after flipping it over.
  • Test the burrito’s temperature. Continue heating for 15 to 20 seconds until it reaches your desired temperature.
  • Lift the burrito from the paper towel and microwave-safe platter. Keep an eye out for any burns on your hands.
  • Replace any cold components that you have to get rid of. Enjoy.

 Reheat Burritos in Toaster Oven 

Toaster ovens are faster than conventional ovens for reheating burritos. If you want a toasted tortilla, a toaster oven may be the best option if you find a soggy burrito in the fridge.

However, you are constrained by the toaster oven’s dimensions. Only one burrito may be reheated at a time. Two, perhaps, if they are particularly diminutive.

Before cooking the burrito in a toaster oven, cover it in tin foil to prevent it from drying out. When reheating a burrito in this manner, expect it to take as long as it would in a conventional oven.

However, this is not the ideal method for reheating your burrito in a toaster oven.

The efficiency of a toaster oven is inferior to that of a conventional range. In addition to losing heat, it is not always cooking evenly.

You were unrolling the tortilla before heating is the best method for reheating it in a toaster oven. Because the toaster is so tiny, you may be unable to reheat your burrito using it.

Toaster Oven Burrito Reheating Instructions

  • Turn on the toaster oven and set the temperature to 400 ° F.
  • Wrap the tortilla in two sheets of aluminum foil that are big enough to fit the entire thing. One is going to be on the bottom of the stack. The burrito will have one on top of the other.
  • Make a single sheet of aluminum foil by unwrapping the cold burrito and flattening it out. Filled side up, a flour tortilla rests on top of aluminum foil.
  • It’s up to you whether or not to take out the cold ingredients (sour cream, guacamole, tomatoes, lettuce).
  • Open the burritos and put the other piece of foil on top of it. The open tortilla is now remembered between two aluminum foil sheets.
  • Open the tortilla and place it in a toaster oven for 8 to 12 minutes, depending on the burrito size. Warmth should be checked. If necessary, cook a little longer. A burrito’s size and the amount of filling determine how much time it takes to reheat.
  • Remove it from the toaster oven after its done heating. Add the cold components that you previously removed from the mixture. If you’d like, you can try to level up the burrito.
  • It might be challenging to reroll a soft tortilla once it has browned. Choose your reheating process with this in mind. The toaster oven may occasionally make the burrito into a tostada.

Reheating Burrito in Stovetop 

Cooking burritos on the stove may be challenging since there are so many variables to consider. The burrito is more difficult to heat uniformly. Remove the burrito from the package (as you did with the toaster oven). A burrito reheated this way is the most effective method available.

Reheating burritos that have been unrolled may not work as well. A soggy tortilla might have formed overnight if a wet burrito had been left in the fridge. A wet tortilla is next to impossible to unroll. You’ll have a sloppy mess on your hands.

When reheating wet burritos, it’s better to keep them wrapped up. Cover the pan with a lid to retain the heat. As a result, it helps warm up and soften the wheat tortilla.

Stovetop Reheating of a Burrito instruction 

  • Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat and cover with a lid to prevent spillage. The cooktop should be set to medium high for cooking. Add a tablespoon of oil to the pan to keep the tortilla from sticking.
  • Lay the cold burrito on the grill with the tortilla side down.
  • It’s up to you whether or not to take out the cold fillings (sour cream, guacamole, tomatoes, lettuce).
  • Spread out the burrito’s various components, so they cook evenly.
  • Close the skillet’s cover. This helps keep the pan warm and wet.
  • Cook for 5-7 minutes. Keep the tortilla from sticking to the pan by moving it around a few times..
  • Remove the tortilla from the grill when it’s healed enough. Substitute the chilly for the hot ones. If desired, garnish with more sour cream or other chilled ingredients.
  • Feel free to re-roll it. Toasted tortillas can be challenging to roll, even if they are flexible when warm. Eat the burrito as a tostada if the tortilla has been toasted.

Reheat a Burrito in Air Fryer 

The air fryer is the warming method that most impacts the burrito’s taste. Having a crunchy exterior and a soft inside is what you’ll get. I’m salivating just thinking about it!

T Whole burritos are perfect for reheating in an air fryer since the material covers all of the contents. Alternatively, a burrito can be reheated in the microwave. Crispiness will form on the filling’s exposed edge.

Air Fryer Reheating a Burrito instruction. 

  • Set the air fryer to 325°F before cooking.
  • Rub the tortilla with either olive or coconut oil. Make sure the tortilla doesn’t cling to the pan by rotating it around a few times before cooking.
  • Use the air fryer basket to heat any remaining burritos. (The burrito isn’t frozen, so it doesn’t count.) Let some space between burritos if you don’t want them to stack.
  • The air fryer just takes five minutes to prepare. Turn the burrito over after 1 to 2 minutes.
  • You can enjoy the crisp without the burritos if you remove them.

Reheat Burritos in Skillet

a medium-sized pan with butter or oil (or a non-stick skillet). A tablespoon of water should be sprinkled about the pan while the burritos are hot in the skillet. Put a cover on the pan. It’s best to cook the burritos for 3-4 minutes before flipping them. Repeat until it’s piping hot.

In a skillet Reheat Burritos Instruction 

  • In a medium-sized pan, melt a small amount of butter or oil (or use a non-stick skillet).
  • Sprinkle a little water over the sides of the heating pan before placing the burritos seam side down.
  • Allow the pan to cook for two minutes with the lid on.
  • A few more minutes of heating will complete the process of flipping the burrito and reheating it.
  • Keep turning them until they’re piping hot.

Can You Reheat a Burrito with Rice?

There are some methods to heat a rice tortilla. Some individuals like to microwave the whole dish, and some only microwave their rice side and add it to the meal when ready for lunch or supper.

Some people prefer to heat our burritos with a 375 ° F oven for five minutes before pulling them out of the broiler and put the crooked edges on top after resting in a foil-covered aluminum foil in their kitchen oven throughout the day.

Reheat Frozen Burrito in Oven

Burrito bums are cheerful! It can freeze burritos, then warm in the oven. Wrap them firmly in aluminum foil and put 45 minutes to an hour on a baking sheet at 400 degrés (depending on how much time you have).

Once heated, take the heat from it and return to the uncovered oven until your tortilla is more crooked than ever before.

If you’re cooking up the wonderful Mexican-inspired foods packed into tortillas, you do not need spicy sauce. Because nobody wants to have their wet meal, right again.

Reheating a Burrito in Oven Reddit

Making the perfect tortilla at home is easy! Heat your oven to 400 degrees and insert a 10-inch nonstick skillet in it. Cut two sheets of aluminum foil into four, flatten the bottom of each side of the pan with one sheet and fold them over flat borders.

 Pour 1/2 cup of water into the middle of backing pans – this prevents scorching along or below thermal seams when you don’t use an electric bucket burner (like gas).

Add approximately seven tablespoons of oil on both sides, so they barely coat the area but do not slide when mixed; sprinkle as desired with salt. Place four maize tortillas in a mid-length direction to overlap over the cooking surfaces a little more than halfway across.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Reheat Frozen Burritos in the Oven?

It may reheat frozen burritos in the oven too! Keep wrapped in foil, cook 400 μf in an oven for 45 minutes, remove the burritos, and return to the oven for 5-10 minutes to crunch the tortilla.

How Long Do I Reheat a Breakfast Burrito in the Oven?

In the oven, bring the range up to 350°F. Take the plastic bag out of the burritos but place it in foil. Warm up the burritos on the oven rack directly, for 20 minutes (if still frozen, the burritos will take longer)

Is It Safe to Reheat a Burrito?

Bon Appétit suggests that your burrito be reheat in the oven at 350 degrees. Also, experts suggest that you cover it in aluminum foil beforehand. It keeps the tortilla soft or dry and prevents toppings that may avoid dirtying your ovens.


We hope that this guide has helped teach you the best way how to reheat a burrito in the oven. Whether for lunch or dinner, there are endless ways to enjoy your favorite Mexican dish without sacrificing quality! Reheat with care, and before long, we’re sure you’ll be back on track with making these tasty wraps all day, every day.