How To Soften Hard Rice Different & Effortless Ways That You Need

Rice is one thing that can be used by every individual, not matter is a child or older. Cook rice looks very enthusiastically/ easy, but it is not always possible to cook according to your wish. Rice is an essential part of dining, especially at dinner and lunchtime. However, here the main discussion point is how to soften hard rice   

Rice is traditionally used in most families. They often like to use meat rice, fluffy rice, and other kinds in parties, without which their parties are incomplete. So, following all these matters, you must have the skills of cooking rice well.

Next, I will tell you in detail How To Soften Hard and crunchy Rice and much other information like mushy rice, crunchy rice, and more that is very important for you to know. If you read this article thoroughly, I hope you can deal with all the rice problems yourself. 

What is hard rice?

When the water’s drained from the rice port while cooking So, in such a situation, the rice remains undercooked in the middle and Softens well from the sides of the port. This type of rice is almost considered undesirable.

And for those who are interested and fond of rice, eating such rice will be almost disgusting. So, you need skills to fix these types of rice problems. So that you can make rice reusable selecting hard rice will be appreciated if you can do this properly.

How Can you fix Hard Rice?

Many people are worried about Softening Hard Rice So, so you don’t need to worry because you can do it. First, you may face many difficulties while cooking rice but bravely overcome them.

With these problems, you can learn how to soften stiff rice and use it everywhere you need it. Also, you can learn about burnt rice, perched rice, and crunchy rice. The ability to fix all these problems is essential to be aware. 

 How to soften hard rice

As I mentioned above, when the water in the port is dehydrated, and the rice is not thoroughly cooked, then the rice becomes hard. Therefore, use a few tricks for cooking the rice ideally, which is about to tell you to soften hard rice.

First, add 1/2 cup of water to the rice and keep it to boil again. Check the boiling rice frequently. Then, take out the few grains of rice with the help of a spoon and squeeze them between finger and thumb.

When you feel that rice is thoroughly cooked, remove it from the flame. Hold it carefully and put it in a sieve to drain the excess water. After draining lightly, sprinkle cold water over the rice. Now the rice is audible to eat and try without any hesitation.

How To Soften Hard Rice

 How Can you fix crunchy rice?

It will not be surprising if you call crunchy rice scorched rice. Burnt rice is almost considered crunchy rice. Also, when the thin crust of rice is exposed to direct heat, it becomes brown and crunchy from the bottom.

Some individuals do not consider crunchy rice usable for themselves and through it away, but this is not perfect. You can solve this issue yourself. If the rice is crunchy, here are just four steps to help you to fix it.

1 First, fill a port with water, then add a few drops of oil and a few pinches of sea salt..

2 After that, take out your crunchy rice on a separate plate

3 When the water boils ultimately, add the rice that you have separated. And boiled it until the grains were cooked entirely.

4 When the rice is fully cooked, squeeze it using a sieve.

So, In this way, you can make crunchy rice audible properly.

How can adjust the water in rice while cooking

Water content Plays a vital role in making rice delicious and fluffy. Whether rise is appetizing or tasteless depends on your water intake. Rice water can be easily adjusted in two methods, which I’ll share with you now..

· The first way is to adjust it according to the quality of your rice. Put two sins of water in it. For example, if you make one cup of rice, you must add 2 cups of water so your rice can be cooked better without being scorched and overcooked.

As an alternative, you can also add your first fingertip to the rice when the tip of your fingers touches it. We may also call it the Knuckle method. And it’s so easy to use.

 How Can you fix mushy rice?

 If your cooked rice is not meet your expectations, then I will give you possible strategies.

With The help of bread

You can also correctly fix your overcooked or mushy rice because bread is necessary for all homes. It’s time to put the rice in the pot and cover it with the lid. Allow the rice to seemer on low heat for a while, then open the lid, and most of the moisture in the rice will be absorbed into your bread. And the texture of the rice will be nearly intact.

Again, try the stovetop

If rice is overcooked and not starchy, you can drain and raise the rice. This can slightly reduce the moisture in the rice from the stove heat up.

Dry using an oven

 When rice is mushy, its texture is also intact in such situations. Use a calendar and fine-mesh strainer and spread on a baking sheet. Next, preheat the oven to 350* for five to ten minutes. Reheating also reduces the moisture content of the rice considerably. If you are fed up with mushy rice, don’t worry

To dispose of it, you can use it in food in 3 other ways.

1 Rice pudding

2 Make porridge

3 Make fried rice

Can you use the oven to fix hard rice

If you have an oven and your rice gets a little tricky while cooking, you can solve this issue using your range, but you need to be careful. To Soften Hard Rice put the rice in a dish and sprinkle water on top of it. Now cover the dish with its lid. Finally, cover the dish with paper if you don’t have the cap.

You don’t have to worry about overcooked rice because it is not the stove’s fire. That will burn the rice. In order to ensure that the rice is done, remove it from the oven after 10 minutes and check to see whether it is done.. If rice is well cooked, that’s fine. If not, you can repeat the same process till the rice becomes audible.


How do you soften rice that is too hard?

If  the rice remains hard or crunchy after all the water has been soaked, you can add up to 12 cups of water to make it more moist. Return to a simmer with the lid on and cook for an additional 5 minutes.

How Do You Soften Rice Quickly?

Cover the rice in a microwave-safe bowl with plastic wrap or a microwave-safe lid to fix it. (Alternatively, a microwave-safe plastic rice steamer can be purchased.) About two minutes in the microwave will do the trick.


As rice is one of the preferred foods of the persons. Any hard rice can spoil the taste of it. Rice may be crunchy, mushy, overcooked, and also challenging. The methods of solving these rice problems I have mentioned above will benefit you.

I also told you how soft, hard rice is in the oven and the water adjustment while cooking. After reading this article entirely and carefully, you can get your rice to the perfect consistency. Hopefully, this guide can help you solve your rice-related issues.