How to Steam Buns in Rice Cooker Here the Clarification

These steamed buns will be sweet or savory, stuffed with red bean paste, barbecued pork (char siu), or ground pork and veggies. There are numerous variants. There are also ones fashioned like flowers and trimmed with onions, swirling ones, and fried ones. In this post, we’ll respond to questions, “How to steam buns in rice cooker

The amount of time it takes in a steamer and rice cooker will be the same – you steam them for around eight minutes, lower the heat and let them rest for another eight minutes to “inhale in” the steam. They can alternatively use a moist paper towel to wrap the Bun.

Why Do We Use a Rice Cooker to Steam Bun?

In the United States and Canada, many individuals possess electric rice cookers with a wide range of valuable functions. Everybody may not be able to have the funds for a nutrition steamer. The noble thing is that you can use a rice cooker to steam the buns.

Which Function Is Used to Steam

As long as you’ve got the steam basket, your rice cooker isn’t simply for rice. As a result of this Function, you may cook your rice simultaneously as steamed veggies, saving both time and counter space. Furthermore, steaming veggies in a pan directly over your rice can improve your dish’s nutritional value and taste.

Find out if your rice cooker doubles as a steamer by checking its user guide and making sure it includes a steam tray or basket and a pre-selected setting for steaming. You can cook more food in a larger cooking pot, but the capacity of your rice cooker will always limit it.

How to Steam Buns in Rice Cooker

For a three-cup serving, fill the rice cooker’s inner pan with water. So that they may build up enough pressure and that it can continue boiling without interruption till the steamed buns are heated through.

How To Steam Buns In Rice Cooker

A heat-resistant bowl works just as well. If you utilize the IP’s metal trivet, you risk splattering the steaming basket with hot water during steaming, which will damage your steamed buns.

Then I set a wooden basket or carbon steel steamer basket on top.

To bring the water to a boil, press “SAUTE.” Depending on their size, I can fit roughly 3 to 4 buns in my steaming basket when the water reaches a boil. To get the most excellent results, I recommend heating one rack of buns at a time.

Cover the inside pot with a clean kitchen roll. Steamed buns will not be drenched in moisture as a result of this. The IP cover is then affixed to the top. As long as the buns are covered and there is sufficient pressure to cook them, we may leave the lid open. Don’t worry about the steam coming out of the IP; it’s typical because the cover isn’t well fastened. Simmer small to medium-sized buns for five minutes in the steamer

To stop the steaming process, hit “Remove.” Remove the cover and gently unwrap the towel from within. The cooled steamed buns should be placed on a cooling rack to finish chilling down. This also keeps the steamed buns’ bottoms from becoming mushy.

To steam the next batch, add one to two cups of water, or as required, to the pot’s inner pot. Repeatedly press the saute button until the mixture reaches a boil. After that, repeat the procedure.

For small to medium-sized buns with no raw meat stuffing, five minutes of steaming time are all that is required. About eight minutes is needed to cook large buns that have no uncooked meat filling. Sauté the small-medium and big buns for 8-10 minutes with the raw meat filling. If you don’t already have a digital timer, you’ll need to set one up on your phone or another device.

How to Cook Frozen Steamed Buns in Rice Cooker

Thawing the frozen steamed buns is not required.

1 cup of water should be added to the rice cooker’s inner pot.

Place a metal spatula in the area. Set out a bamboo basket or a serving dish.

Put the frozen steamed buns on top of it.

The cover is now closed. “Sealing” means setting the steam relief valve. Fast cook by pressing “steam.” Set the timer for 5 minutes if you want to use steam. Set the timer for a few minutes if you are using the “Rice cooker” mode. Let go of any leftover tension as quickly as possible.

Enjoy the steamed buns while they are still hot.

How to Steam Dumplings in a Rice Cooker

If you want a tasty dumpling, you need delicious stuffing. Hamilton Beach food processors can in helpful here. They should process the following ingredients in a food processor equipped with a cutting blade (running): cabbage, green onions, garlic, jalapeno, ginger, and cilantro.

Pulse a few times to blend the stuffing in the food processor with rice vinegar, soy sauce, sesame seed oil, salt, and pepper. It will fill wonton wrappers with this paste-like material.

Assembling the dumplings is now the final step. One wonton wrapper should be placed on a chopping board with the pork mixture in the middle of it.

Make sure the edges of the covering are moistened by wetting your finger or a pastry brush with some water.

Bring the wrapper’s four edges together to make a point, then squeeze the sides together to seal the contents within the dumpling shell. They’ll look like tiny sachets of something sweet.

In your rice cooker, put water in the frying pan once the dumplings have been formed and cooked. Close the cover of your rice cooker after placing the dumplings in a single layer in the basket. Using the Steam Prepare option, cook the dumplings for roughly 30 minutes to ensure that the pork is cooked through.


How Do You Heat Steamed Buns?

Drape a moist paper towel around your Bun and secure it with a rubber band. A microwave-safe vessel is required for the Bun. Make sure it’s boiling by reheating for around 20 seconds. It’s okay to increase the cooking time slightly, but don’t go overboard, or your Bun will get dry.

Can You Steam Bao Buns from Frozen?

The bao may be reheated straight from the freezer by placing a couple in your steamer and steaming for 8–10 minutes until they are hot in the center.

How Do You Steam Buns at Home?

The pot should be filled with approximately a quarter-inch of water and placed on a burner. While cooking in a pot, be sure that your steam basket is submerged in water. For about thirty seconds, cover the saucepan with the basket and bring water to a boil.


So, with the use of a rice cooker, you can steam the buns. You can’t only cook rice in a rice cooker. Even also steam vegetables and so many foods including with Bun. You may learn how to steam bun in a rice cooker with our step-by-by-step instructions. Furthermore, you can quickly steam buns in the rice cooker.