How to use Aroma Rice Cooker, with Dimension Guide

Aroma’s rice cookers are among the best on the market, but it might be challenging to figure out which programmers and settings to use. If you’ve ever had problems with your Aroma Rice Cooker. So, we will provide you with a dimension guide about How to use Aroma rice cooker.

Even the most experienced cooks may have difficulty preparing Rice to perfection. Cooking up to 10 cups of White Rice or Brown Rice in the Aroma rice cooker and steamer takes the uncertainty out of it. You can also use your Aroma to steam your favorite veggies, such as cauliflower, cabbage, peas, and broccoli. The Aroma cooker will help you spend little time in the kitchen and much more time doing other things.

What is Aroma Rice Cooker?

Multifunctional cool-touch rice cooker and food steamer Aroma promises restaurant-quality Rice. This rice cooker is ideal for those who want to quickly and easily cook a large quantity of Rice since it can make anything from 2 to 8 cups at a time. It’s also a great rice cooker for those who want to keep things simple. Incredibly simple to operate, the digital panel. It is possible to keep the rice warm in the microwave after it has been prepared. As soon as you push a few buttons and leave the room, the Rice is ready for you.

Aroma Rice Cooker Manual

Aroma Rice Cooker’s Instruction Manual contained this recipe. Using this particular digital rice cooker, they give me instructions on making the Rice myself.

It’s a great choice if you don’t have time to sit and watch a pot of rice cook.. To use a rice cooker, you have to ration the Rice, set the timer, and walk away!

Aroma Rice Cooker Instruction

The aroma rice cooker has comparable water to rice ratio to typical stovetop techniques. Your Aroma Rice Cooker’s balance may be found much more efficiently owing to the pot’s lines!

The proper rice-to-water ratios in the rice cooker are covered in detail in each user handbook. Add the required amount of Rice (remembering that uncooked rice increases in volume when cooked) and then add water to the indicated fill line.

What if you’ve lost your instruction manual?

A measuring cup was given with my Aroma Rice Cooker. 3/4 cups are equivalent for this particular style of measuring cup.

To make this dish, I followed the directions with my 20-cup Aroma Digital Rice Cooker.

Water Ratio in Aroma Rice Cooker to Cook Rice

Rice Measurement      water in Inner Pot Tub 
2 cups of Rice                                            2 Line
3 cups of Rice                                             3 Line
4 cups of Rice                                             4 Line
5 cups of Rice                                             5 Line
6 cups of Rice                                             6 Line
7 cups of Rice                                             7 Line
8 cups of Rice                                             8 Line
9  cups of Rice                                             9 Line
10 cups of Rice                                             10 Line

Approximate Cooked Rice Instruction in Aroma Rice cooker 

Approx. cooked rice           Cooking Time 
6 cups of Rice 30-35 Minutes   
8 cups of Rice 30-35 Minutes   
10 cups of Rice 38-43 Minutes   
12 cups of Rice 40-45 Minutes   
14 cups of Rice 43-48 Minutes   
16 cups of Rice 45-50 Minutes   
18 cups of Rice 47-52 Minutes   
20 cups of Rice 48-53 Minutes   
20 cup of Rice 50-55 Minutes   

How to use Aroma Rice Cooker 

In the first place, I’d like to point out that not every rice cooker is created equal. Cooking with Rice is a delicate procedure, and your rice cooker may make or break the meal’s outcome. Choosing the right one is critical. You’re here because you already own or are thinking about purchasing an Aroma rice cooker based on customer feedback. For the price, it’s a top-tier rice cooker on the market today. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty now that we’ve tackled the basics.With this instruction, you can use a multifunctional aroma rice cooker easily.

Using Aroma Rice Cooker cooked Rice.

  • The provided measuring cup may be used to add rice to the cooking pot inside the oven. Rinse the Rice to eliminate any extra starch.
  • Add water to the pan until it reaches the brim, then remove it from the heat. Where the number of cups of Rice is being cooked. You’ll need to use a aroma rice cooker with an inner cooking pot in it.
  • Measure Rice into the inside cooking pot with the supplied evaluating cup.
  • It’s best to rinse it off with water to remove any extra starch or pesticides that have been applied to preserve the Rice.
  • Before adding the inside cooking pot to the main pot, make sure it is clean and dry.

Before it’s time to switch to “keep warm,” the rice cooker emits a buzzing sound. To guarantee that food is served hot, it will remain in this mode until you shut it off.

Stirring the Rice to distribute the leftover moisture evenly is a good idea for improved outcomes.

After the Rice has been served, switch off the cooker by pushing the power button twice and unplugging the cord.

Using the delay timer/slow cook Aroma Rice Cooker

You may cook Rice for an extended period thanks to the delay timer. Using this tool, you may alter the results of the rice cooking. With this tool, you may change the outcome of the rice cooking method Here’s how to take advantage of it.

  • Push the “DELAY TIMMER” button on your Aroma rice cooker. The time is raised by an hour for each press you make. For example, hitting the button twice will result in a 2-hour increase in cooking time.
  • Once you’ve made your choice, use the corresponding buttons to begin cooking either white or Brown Rice. The timer will begin counting down as soon as the cooking indicator light begins to blink.
  • After that, if you’re cooking white Rice, the countdown will begin at 12 minutes and 25 minutes.

Sautéing using the Aroma rice cooker

  • To brown or sauté the ingredients, put them in the inner cooking pot. Put the rice cooker’s inner pot in there.
  • Place the inside cooking pot into the rice cooker and add the contents to be browned or sautéed.
  • You may start cooking by connecting the power cord, then pushing and holding the power button.
  • You should press the rice cooker’s “sauté” option

Making Rice and steaming your food at the same time

In the same way that you can steam your Rice, you can also cook your other items. In addition to lowering your utility costs, this will save you valuable time. To do so, follow these instructions:

  • Steam your food by placing it on the steaming pan.
  • Be careful not to be burned when you open the rice cooker’s lid.
  • Wait until everything is done before putting the tray on top of the Rice.
  • Keep warm mode is activated by pressing the Keep Warm/Power button. Press the power button twice and unhook the power cable after you’re done cooking and you’re done.

Cooking soups and stews with Aroma rice cooker

Many people believe that rice cookers are only used for Rice. It’s a “holy Mary grill” for your kitchen.

  • They should fill the interior cooking pot of the rice cooker with your soup-making components, and the lid should be snugly closed.
  • The rice cooker should be turned on by connecting it to a power source and pushing the power button.
  • White Rice is ready when the light turns green when you click the button.
  • Avoid scorching yourself by opening the rice cooker frequently and steaming your components.
  • Push the Keep hot button once you’ve achieved the required consistency. When you’re done, push the power button twice and unhook the power cord from the cooker.


What Is The Water To Rice Ratio For The Aroma Rice Cooker?

This recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups of water and 1 cup of rice. How much rice is in a half-cup? Alternatively, fill the waterline with 2 cups and 2 1/2 cup rice cooked Rice, and 2 equals 4 cups.

How Much Water Do I Use For 2 Cups Of Rice?

The Ideal Rice to Water Ratio. If you’re unsure how much water to add to your Rice, it’s best to consult various sources. When in doubt about how much water to use, one and a half cups of water for each cup of rice is a good guideline. 3 cups of water are needed to cook two cups of rice.

How Do I Use My Mini Aroma Rice Cooker?

It is recommended that you use the cup supplied to fill the tiny rice cooker with Rice (0.5 to 1.5 cups). Cooked Rice will double in size. Rinsing and draining the Rice three to four times will help remove the starch. When the cooking process is complete, the indicator lights will change from COOK to Hot.


So, here we will provide you with the proper instruction about using the aroma rice cooker. We will show you the manual instructions. Using this multifunctional cooker, you can cook a different variety of food. I hope this information will be helpful for you to use the aroma rice cooker.