How to Use Oster Rice Cooker- The Perfect and Amazing Manual Setting

Cooking rice and veggies in a rice cooker is a quick and easy method. This helpful appliance includes an auto timer that alerts you when the rice is done. As a result, there is no need to keep an eye on the cooker while it is cooking.

The Oster rice cooker steaming is inexpensive and straightforward among several cookers, making it easy to afford. However, if you are perplexed and want to understand how it works, this is the place to be. Here, I’ll show you How to Use Oster Rice Cooker Correctly so that you may avoid burned rice and broken pots.

The Oster rice steamer and burner cook rice and veggies, completing a well-stable meal. You may have queries about how your cooker works once you receive it. Before cooking for company or family, examine your steamer to ensure it is in good working order. Following a few simple steps will have your rice cooker produce properly cooked rice and steamed veggies in no time.

What is an Oster Rice Cooker 

An Oster Rice Cooker focuses on automating rice cooking. It simplifies rice cooking and saves you a lot by restricting the heat and calculating how much water is required. The cooker comes with a measuring cup. This guarantees that you are cooking to the proper capacity.

How To Use Oster Rice Cooker

These cups offer you to precisely measure the amount of water required to cook particular amounts of rice. The Oster 20-Cup Electronic Rice Cooker is an ideal buy for huge families. If you don’t want to cook a significant rice, the 6-cup Oster Rice Cooker will suffice.

How to Use Oster Rice Cooker

The Oster rice cooker is ideal for steaming and cooking rice and veggies. These guidelines will support you in making the most of your Oster rice cooker. However, This step-by-step tutorial will demonstrate how to cook rice in an Oster rice cooker. You can cook rice rapidly by following the Oster rice cooker instructions below.

Step 1: Measure the Rice and Place it in the Oster Rice cooker

Put one cup of prepared or uncooked rice into the inner pot for every 2 cups of cooked rice. Instead of a standard measuring spatula, use the rice cooker measurement cups. You should add at least two cups of raw rice to the cooker to guarantee that it functions correctly. This will give four or more cups of boiled rice.

Step 2: Rinse the Rice

Many individuals like to rinse their rice to eliminate pesticides and herbicides. Pour cold water into a basin and place it under the faucet to flush. Stir continuously as you add water until the rice is completely dissolved. Drain the water gradually through a sieve, catching any rice grains that fall with your hand. Rinse the rice once more until it is clear.

Step 3: How Much Water Ratio

Use the measuring cup with your rice cooker to determine how much water you’ll need—1 1/2 cups of ice water for every cup of rice. Different varieties of rice need different quantities. Soft, long-grain oriental rice, for example, takes extra water as uncooked rice. Each cup of Basmati rice takes 1 ½ cups of water. 

Brown rice, on the other hand, requires two cups and two teaspoons of liquid per cup of uncooked rice. You may make sticky rice fluffier by adding extra water to the rice.

Step 4: Inner Pot

Insert the inner pot into the heating element. The cooking vessel of the rice cooker must come into close contact with the heat source. You may use the Oster rice cooker instructions to confirm that the bank is adjusted correctly.

Step 5: Lid

Seal and lock the rice cooker lid to prevent steam from escaping. Insert the oven’s power wire into an adapter to turn it on. The red light will illuminate if the range is properly plugged in and secured.

Step 6: Keep Warm the Rice

When the rice cooker has finished cooking, it will automatically change to warm mode. This ensures that the rice is at the appropriate temperature for your meals. You may keep the rice warm until you remove it from the rice cooker.

Step 7: Allow the Rice to Reset

The Oster rice cookers are fantastic because they cook rice quickly. Most rice should be ready in around 15 minutes. Set the rice aside for a few minutes before unlocking the cooker when you’re finished cooking. This will aid in the softening of the rice.

Step 8: Serve the Rice

Before serving, fluff the rice using the rice cooker’s spatula. This will break up clumps and enable steam to escape, preventing the rice from burning. Alternatively, you may soak the rice for around 15-20 minutes in the cooking pot before cooking it.

How Does the Steaming Vegetables in the Oster Rice Cooker  

You can use your Oster rice cooker for cooking rice and steaming your favorite veggies. You may be assured that if your veggies are correctly utilized, they will maintain their inherent tastes and nutrients. Follow these methods to steam your veggies in an oster rice cooker.

  1. Cover your rice cooker’s inner pot with the appropriate amount of water. For 10 ounces of black beans, broccoli, corn, peas, or mixed veggies, use 1/3 cup of water. The third cup of water is also required for eight ounces of sliced carrots or cabbage and five ounces of spinach.
  1. Insert the inner pot containing the water into the cooker shell. Check that the inside pot firmly contacts the heating plate within the cooker. Place the veggies in the warming or steaming tray after peeling and cutting them into tiny pieces. After that, set the tray on the bottom of the inner pot and cover it with a lid.
  1. Connect the power cable to an electrical socket and turn on the rice cooker. Vegetables, including green beans, broccoli, maize, peas, and carrots, usually cook for 30 to 35 minutes. Except for maize, which takes around 40 minutes, and spinach, which takes 30 to 40 minutes.
  1. When all of the water has been dissolved, the cooker will automatically change to “Keep Warm.”
  1. When the veggies are thoroughly steamed, take the tray from the cooker and unplug it from the wall.

How to Maintain the Oster Rice Cooker 

Below are some helpful cleaning and maintenance instructions for your Oster rice cooker. Continue reading to learn more.

  • Before cleaning, disconnect the cooker and allow it to cool fully.
  • Never immerse the rice cooker’s heating element in water.
  • On the stove, avoid using scouring pads or other harsh cleansers.
  • The inner pot and steam of the cooker may be cleaned on the dishwasher’s top rack.
  • Wipe off the outside of the cooker with a damp sponge and completely dry it.


How Much Water Do You Put in an Oster Rice Cooker?

For every cup of uncooked rice, add 112 cups of water; however, various types of rice require varying quantities of water. The orient kind of soft, long-grain rice takes extra water as uncooked rice. Per quarter cup, basmati rice takes 112 cups of water, whereas brown rice needs 2 cups extra 2 tbsp.

Which Button is Cooked on an Oster Rice Cooker?

After placing the ingredients into the cooking pot, connect to the unit and depress the “cooking lever” situated on the pot’s face to begin it. When the rice is done, the device goes into “warming” mode. The only method to “switch off” the rice cooker is disconnecting it.

How Long Does it Take to Cook Rice in an Oster Rice Cooker?

A whole pan of rice takes around a half-hour to cook. The test times it is varied from 33 to 36 minutes. This is true both for brown and white rice.


Finally, you may use your Oster rice cooker for cooking any type of rice you choose. The water-to-rice ratio will stay constant, and the sensors will continue to identify when the rice is fully cooked. Another thing to keep in mind while removing the lid of your stove is to keep an eye out for leaking steam. Because it will be pretty hot, you should use extreme caution.