How to use Rival Rice Cooker-Step by step Guide

Cooking using a rice cooker is becoming more and more common. They may utilize a standard saucepan to prepare rice. The Rival rice cooker may be used to keep your meal warm for a short period of time. As long as the rice is Basmati or Brown, cooking has never been so simple in these appliances. Many of us indeed have no idea how to use rival rice cooker at all.

This information may be beneficial to you if you are one of such people as well. Most of Rival’s models follow the same basic operating concept, despite their wide range of variants. Using a Rival rice cooker will be explained in this article.

What is Rival Rice Cooker

The Rival Rice Cooker can hold up to three complete appropriate equipment of dry rice, which equals six cups of cooked rice. Many types of rice, including basmati, wild rice, black rice, Arborio, risotto, saffron rice, short and long grain, can be used in this dish. Do not rely on the immediate option. For example, barley may also be cooked in a rice cooker. Check the pot’s outside to make sure it’s thoroughly dry before you begin.

How to use Rival Rice Cooker

For this, we’ll have a look at some of the actions you need to take:

Step -2

First, determine how much rice you’ll need to cook. Cookers from Rival often come with 2×3 cup measuring cups. There are also 2×3 cups for 2 cups of rice. After determining how much rice you need, add water to the bowl and rinse it. After thoroughly washing the rice, remove the water from the pot and discard it.


Rinse and place the rice in the inner pot of the rice cooker. Add some water to the rice bowl as well. The water level in the inner pot ought to match the amount of uncooked rice.

The rationale for this is that if you’re using 3 cups of rice in your pot, the rice bowl’s water should be at the “3” mark. Wipe the outside of the pot well if there is any leaking water.


The inner pot of the rice cooker is now ready to be placed inside of it. When cooking, make sure the pot is in touch with the heating plate of the appliance. This may rotate the inside pot of a Rival cooker from side to side to do this.

How To Use Rival Rice Cooker


Then, put the top on the pot and turn it on. Turn it on by connecting it to a power source.


Enabling the cooking process is the fifth and last phase. To do so, press the “Cook” button. To confirm, look to see if the indicator light is on. An indicator light will go off as soon as evaporation is complete. Keep Warm indication will then come on.


if you want fluffier rice, leave the cover on for about 20 minutes until removing it.


Finally, remove the cover and use the Rival rice cooker’s spoon to serve the rice that has been cooked in the Rival. The scoop will protect the nonstick surface of the inner pot in this case.

An Additional Tips to use Rival cooker 

Rules must be followed when using the Rival Rice Cooker. Does your rice come from a particular brand?. You may use a rice cooker to prepare a wide variety of rice. Cooking rice in a rice cooker can be done as follows:

How long does the rival rice cooker take?

Always double the amount of water you believe you’ll need to boil rice. White rice cooks in 20 minutes, whereas brown rice cooks in 40 minutes.

Rival Rice Cooker Water to Rice Ratio

You’ll need around 1 cup of water for every 1 cup of rice, plus an additional 1/2 cup. When you need four cups of rice, you’ll need to combine it with four and a half cups of water. Adding an extra 3/4 cups of water to brown rice is recommended by Rival since it cooks more slowly.


How much water do you put in a rival rice cooker?

Recipe for Perfect Rice-Water Ratio. Several variables affect the amount of water to rice that you should use in a recipe. Cooking rice on the stove calls for one and a quarter cups of water for each cup of rice, but if you’re unsure, go with that number instead. You would need 3 cups of water for 2 cups of rice.

How long does it take to cook a cup of rice in a rice cooker?

Do rice cookers allow you to cook rice in less than one hour? One cup of white rice cooks in a rice cooker in 26 minutes, whereas three cups takes 33 minutes to cook in a rice cooker at the same time One cup of brown rice cooks in 60 minutes, while three cups cook in 70

How big is the measuring cup for a rice cooker?

The measurement cup offered corresponds to rice industry norms (180ml) and is not comparable to one US cup (240ml). Just add 3/4 cup of rice to the steaming pot’s water measurement line, and that should cook adequately. 180ml is equivalent to 0.76 US standard cups.


It’s enticing to eat rice with a range of different dishes. Frozen vegetables and seafood are just two of the many options available. However, It’s not that difficult to prepare rice with a rice cooker in everyday life.

But if you don’t know how to do it correctly, your efforts may be in vain. Consequently, this guide on using the Rival Rice Cooker will assist you in following the correct procedure for making rice.

Once you’ve learned the basics of rice cooking, it’s time for you to get your hands on a rice cooker and experience the real thing.